Mysterious flow of Pak currency in Kerala

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Role of Red and Jihad forces is suspected in the circulation of Pak currency in Kerala. 

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Pak currency found in Edappally, Kochi
It has been found that Pakistani currency is changing hands in Kerala. How it happens remains a mystery. Dark hands of Red and Jihad forces are suspected in this connection. Latest incident took place in Edappally, Kochi.
A native of Vaikkom, Kottayam district, got the currency from Edappally in Kochi when he collected the service changes for picking up the domestic waste. He did not notice it until he counted the collection back home. But, he could not recollect the person or home he got it from. He posted it in social media of the group of houses where he picks up the waste.
This is not the first time this is happening in Kerala. On previous occasions, the enquires suffered abrupt ends sans any sort of logical conclusion. The Pak currencies found in Kochi appear to have changed hands several times.
The folded Rs 100 note carried the picture of Muhammed Ali Jinnah, the founder of the Pakistan. There are indications that Pak currencies are being spread in Kerala by IS terrorists and religious extremists who have achieved strong foothold in the state. The hands of Pakistanis who consider the state as a safe haven hence living here illegally are also suspected.
Pak currencies were found in the comfort station of the Chettuva Fishing Harbour in March 2020. Chettuva is very close to the legendary Guruvayoor, the temple town in Thrissur district. Several phone numbers were scribbled on these currencies. The investigation teams have been exploring the chances of the arrival of Pakistanis or terrorists through sea route after seizing the Pak currency.
In 2017, Pak currency for Rs 20 was found in the bhandar (donation box) of the famous Shabarimala temple. It was folded in a rocket shape. Since it was a strange incident, several enquiry commissions in the state launched primary enquiries. But, the mystery still remains unlocked.
Some view these episodes as the hints being thrown by the extremists. Right thinking people take these incidents seriously since Kerala is the most favoured ‘plaza of freedom’ in Dakshin Bharat for the religious extremists, terrorists and Red Jihadis. This correspondent has reported on several occasions the missing Keralites who were later found in the IS camps in Syria and Afghanistan. Lot of activities of the extremists like PFI, outlawed SIMI, etc. have been reported here, but the enquiries do not bear much fruits. And, significantly both CPM-led ruling LDF and Congress-led Opposition UDF are soft to them, thanks to the sort of vote bank politics prevalent in the state.
Now, the leaders of BJP and other Sangh-inspired organisations believe that intervention by national investigation agencies is the need of the hour.