"Corona's Father will have to be crushed completely" says VHP in a scathing attack on China; VHP salutes the martyrs and appeals Indians to boycott China

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Saluting the valour of Indian Army soldiers who made the supreme sacrifice in the battle against Chinese occupationst forces in Galwan in Ladakh, the Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) today has said that the feudalistic and expansionist greed of China would now leave it globally isolated.
In a press statement issued by VHP's Central Secretary General Shri Milind Parande earlier today, the VHP said that China must understand that the one with whom it has messed up is not the Bharat of 1962 but of 2020 whose capable leadership, military strength and unity of countrymen, the world is well aware of. The entire world have also now come to discern and see through the Chinese greed, wickedness and conspiracies which used the Chinese virus Corona/COVID-19 as an undetectable 'pandemic weapon' to spread over multiple countries and continents to ruin world's economy and killed millions of innocent unsuspecting people, says the statement.
Teh VHP says that China has been casting its evil eyes towards Bharat in order to divert the world's attention from its deadly pandemic 'Corona crime'. "Aksai Chin has been of Bharat and will ever remain, it is our determination", says the VHP warning that people of Bharat will now give a befitting reply.
The VHP Secretary General also said that humanity on earth is gnashing its teeth against China — the father of COVID19 — that killed millions of innocent people within last few months.
"The Government of Bharat, to retaliate against the Dragon for the martyrdom of our brave soldiers, will have to adopt a stratagem to ensure retributive justice against wicked China globally to completely pound the Dragon's COVID-19 arrogant communist expansionist hood by exposing its grave crimes against humanity and humanism more extensively and intensively on the world stage, and countering and hitting back by a rock-response to the Dragon's brick-aggression", says the VHP.
VHP has also appealed to the people of Bharat to totally boycott Chinese goods and mobile apps so that the Dragon's backbone is entirely broken and made spineless. "The rest, our capable national leadership, at the Centre and the well-geared, brave, seasoned soldiers, with great combat experience, at the borders, can tackle", it says.
In order to make India self-reliant, the VHP also urges Bharat's entrepreneurs and researchers of the country to create quality goods that could obviate Chinese goods and render it out of place.
Shri Parande also said that VHP Karyakartas have started their protests across the country in different ways against China's adventurism and will also expose the Dragon's misdeeds and conspiracies. The VHP and its youth wings (the Bajrang Dal and the Durga Vahini) will undertake door to door campaign across the country to make the people aware of China's sins so that the backbone of the wicked Dragon is broken, said the VHP's statement.