Sanskar Bharati resolution demands a system to enact laws to curb web series which hurt Bhartiya society and nation

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Sanskar Bharati Resolutio
With allegations of Hinduphobia, Hindu hate and being anti-national against several web series on various online platforms increasing each day, the RSS inspired Sanskar Bharati has urged the government to bring in a system to enact stringent laws to curb creations/productions which hurt the delicate fabric of Bhartiya society and the nation as a whole.
Sanskar Bharati made this demand as part of its resolution at its Akhil Bhartiya Prabhandh Karini (ABPK) on 7 Jun 2020.
Sanskar Bharati's resolution categorically states that in the guise of artistic freedom, many web series' often feature scenes of openly hateful violence, sexuality and nudity, along with scenes tarnishing Hindu Dharma and criminalizing Hindu values. Bhartiya army and their families which has a strong place of honour and respect in the minds of our citizens, is also shamelessly and recklessly portrayed as derogatory, says the resolution.
"ABPK firmly believes that this is another well-planned conspiracy to hurt and damage our social systems and beliefs in the garb of artistic expression. Since, there is no proper system of regulation on these mediums, they misuse this unlimited freedom to take these mediums to the extent of anarchy", says the resolution. Though we support freedom of expression but only as far as human sensibilities, traditional values and national identity are not hampered, it says.
Quoting Bharatamuni’s Natyashastra, the resolution says that audio-visual mediums should be designed to shape, guide, educate and positively influence the society to be better and the stories and plays should be aimed at giving relief to the tired, pained and those afflicted with fatigue and grief. However, these mediums should not display any disrespectful, embarrassing or shameful acts as families sit together and watch, it says.
Sanskar Bharati ABPK resolution appreciates the web series that provide clean entertainment and urges such producers and directors to produce series that also show the uniqueness of Bhartiya culture and society. In the same breath, the resolution condemns the chaotic freedom that is flourishing under the guise of freedom of expression and expects art, literature, culture and followers of Bharat and Bhartiyata to boycott such free, vulgar works and acts.
In conclusion, ABPK demands from the government that there should be an immediate system to enact stringent laws to curb such kind of creations/productions, which hurt the delicate fabric of Bhartiya society and the nation as a whole.
(News source: VSK Bharat)