"India's Rama poised to slay China's dragon over Ladakh border dispute" says Taiwan's online news portal

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TaiwanNews.com, a Taiwan based English news portal has carried a interesting photo created digitally showing Rama poised to slay a dragon. The news item on the portal titled 'Photo of the Day: India's Rama takes on China's dragon' has the subtitle 'India's Rama poised to slay China's dragon over Ladakh border dispute'.  The photo has caught attention of Indian netizens and supporters of Indian Army.
The TaiwanNews take on the stand-off between India and China shows popular support for India in Taiwan. The news item with the photo of Rama slaying the dragon with the caption 'Rama fighting dragon' has been viewed more than 1.5K times on the portal. The image was reportedly posted on a Hong Kong social media site 'LIHKG'.
The image is also culturally significant as it has Rama representing India whereas uses the same old dragon to represent China. India in international media has been represented mostly with a tiger or a elephant vis-a-vis dragong for China and hence this new representation is culturally significant, many netizens observed.
"As nationalism on both sides of the border reached a fever pitch that day, an illustration showing Rama, the seventh avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu, drawing a bow and preparing to shoot a huge arrow into a Chinese dragon beside the words "We Conquer. We kill." was posted on the Hong Kong social media site LIHKG", says the news item. "Hong Kong Twitter user HoSaiLei soon shared it and wrote "An Indian friend has already finished this exquisite Sino-Indian war poster." Within 21 hours, the post had gained 861 likes, 300 retweets, and 34 comments", says the report on TaiwanNews.com.tw.
The Hong Kong user who posted the photo 'HoSaiLei' responded to gratitude from Indian users and wrote 'Please know this, we support you!'.