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The systematically created false narrative about the February 2020 attacks on peaceful citizens of India is the case in point here

 -Neera Mishra

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Furniture of the Rajdhani School was burnt down during the riots
There is a famous Hindi saying – ‘Jhoot ke per nahi hote’. Lies have no feet’. And truth has its own ways of emerging, even from depths of the deep-down earth and ocean, as proven by our scholar scientists. Here we are speaking of the glaring ‘day-mare’ that has caused nightmares and traumatized innocent citizens of Delhi. The systematically created false narrative about the February 2020 attacks on peaceful citizens of India is the case in point here. Let us visit the ground zero now to know and understand some facts and sieve out the truth from the bundles of lies piled out in the select information space, by the supporters of the anti-National lobby that targets Bhartiya citizens to regain their dwindling political relevance.
The narrative of ‘minorities under attack’ propagated about Delhi attacks of February 24, 25 and 26, is shocking indeed. Like Fake News, Fake Propaganda is, unfortunately, gaining dangerous proportions. These are two sides of the same ‘khota sikka’. Fake news is generated to push fake narratives. Certain sections in the media, opposition ‘loudmouths’, ‘perpetual political trouble creators’ and the string-pullers of the gangs of Tukde Tukde, Pinjra Tod, Jamia Coordination Committee, Alumni Association of Jamia Milia Islamia, Popular Front of India (PFI), etc., and the some local groups played their role.
Politicians from AAP, suddenly, after Delhi election, accelerated misinformation and hate speech campaigns using Anti-CAA as a basis. These gangs are firing full steam to sustain a cloud of lies. The assurance they have of support from the ‘pseudo secularists’, left-leaning ‘celebrity commentators’ and of course the international national and funding is keeping them afloat. Their aim is not only to damage the socio-cultural fabric of Delhi and India but also to adversely influence general public opinion, which many a time believe what they hear or read in media, as they have no means to verify ground realities. This lobby that brazenly supports the perpetrators of anti-national activities is also doing this to influence the justice system by creating enough misperceptions to prepare alibi in the case. For how long will this destructive lobby fry political ‘purees’ on the burning flames of a tragedy that destroyed innocent lives, shattered common people’s livelihood and damaged huge movable and immovable properties of the majority community? It is time to Call for Justice, time for a reality check of facts at the ground zero to burst this bubble of untruth and motivated propaganda.
On February 29 and March 1, 2020, a team comprising experienced senior persons of eminence from diverse, but the related background, came in as members of a Fact-Finding Committee, under the Call for Justice. The 5 member team comprised a retired High Court Judge Justice Ambadas Joshi as Chairman, Shri M.L.Meena IAS (etd.), Shri Vivek Dubey IPS (retd), Dr T.D. Dogra, former Director AIIMS, Advocate Niraj Arora, a cybercrime expert myself, a social worker cum researcher and documenter on civilization and culture. The objective of the team was to ascertain facts, from ground survey and evidence from the testimonials of victims themselves, relating to the who, how and why of the unnerving attacks on these lower-middle-class citizens of our capital city-state of NCT Delhi. A simple and straightforward methodology was applied. The affected locations were identified and visited by the five-member team. The main areas inspected were Yamuna Vihar (Petrol pump, market and residences affected blocks), Shiv Vihar, Brijpuri, Chandbagh Nor-e ilahi, etc Shiv Vihar Triraha and specifically, the DRP and Rajdhani School, that now emerges, after the Tahir den of planners, as another major factory of ammunition for the ‘manufactured attacks, mayhem and violence’. Visited house of deceased Rahul Solanki and also interacted with members of both communities in all areas. As stated in our Report of the Fact-Finding Committee, ‘The Committee has adopted a holistic approach covering the riots from various perspectives including but not limited to the collection of information from the victims, Eye-witnesses, local leaders, residential welfare committee, places of incident and social media such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc., comprising of the contents generated in contemporary manner at the time of the riots and also, consequential impacts including the inputs by various stakeholders’. Care was taken to have audio and video recording from victims and local people, also have audio video documentation of the extent of damages and the testimonials of all affected sections. The steps taken by the committee includes (a) Field visit to some of the most affected and damaged localities (b ) Interviewing the victims, eye-witnesses with respect to the incidents, attackers, and consequential outcomes; (c) Collection of Audio and Video recordings from the eye witness, victim and other actors;(d) Compilation of the relevant & contemporary material in the form of videos, photographs, screenshots, messages from the social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, You Tube, etc.;(e) Analysing the news reports published by media in the online and physical space.
Some highlights of findings from our Visit on February 29 and March 1, 2020, 10.00 am – 3.30 pm, will reveal facts that nail many a lie of anti-national propagandists. We learn about the strategy of Preplanning of Attacks, Misinformation Campaigns against the government, Selection of Targets, Timing of Attacks. And much more that takes to collaborate with shadows working against Indian’s integrity, security and identity.
Damages noticed in affected areas
As the team interacted with some randomly selected locals at each of the affected areas, we were told that in the name of Anti-CAA some of the young leaders of JNU and Jamia etc associates had been frequenting the areas for many weeks orient the impressionable youth into their fold. They also told us that the local councillors Tahir Hussain, MLA Haji Yousuf, with few youths, came visiting a day before the fateful February 24, and were walking around as if to ‘inspect’ the areas. Incidentally, this statement was told to us by others too in some more colonies. We witnessed horrifying scenes of utter destruction at select points. In every area, the attacks were massive but only at targeted buildings. Specific instances observed and testimonials of victims speak for themselves. Another common strain of statements we heard was that a few days before February 24, there were rumours that almost 7000 youth have come for a very big event. The planning seems still on as the minority community in these areas has gone on ‘maunvrat’. It was difficult to get anything out of them. Rather they looked at us suspiciously and avoided us. We could speak to a few only somehow. Thus, when Dr Dogra, one of our Team members spoke to one elderly gentleman from the minority community in fact told It is quite clear that
In the Yamuna Vihar area Shri Ashish Tawari Maheshwaris’ Petrol Pump, was the first to be burnt. Statement of local resident Mr Jugnu Sethi tells us that the Anti-CAA ‘paid’ protesters had been gathering here for over a month. Also badly attacked and torched were Captain Katora Restaurant of Kamal Sharma, Manvir Gas Agency of Shri Choudhury. At the Yamuna Vihar Service Lane area of C-12 the JTC Training School of Vinod Joshi and Horizon Academy of Navdeep Gupta were completely shattered, littered glass pieces tell a horrific tale. The mob damaged his coaching centre through heavy and persistent stone-pelting. Ms. Preeti Garg, a resident of the first floor of the same coaching centre building, stated that the mob set her house on fire at around 02:30 pm on February 24, due to which, the house was chocked with fire and smoke and in order to save her and her children‘s life, she had to throw the child and jump out. One intriguing fact told by local residents was that the HDFC Bank was closed on that day even though it was not a holiday. A young lady had urgent work at this bank but was helpless. They learnt that the Bank Manager was from the minority community.
Politicians from AAP accelerated misinformation and hate speech campaigns using Anti-CAA as a basis
The E 12 Block of Yamuna Vihar was another place of heartless mayhem and destruction. The cars in the residential parking of the majority community, which faces the main road near Metro station, were subjected to bombardment with flaming material, destroying all the vehicles. The residents here gave us distressing accounts of hordes of youth barging in and chorusing hateful slogans. According to these locals, late night of February 23, that is just before the attack they heard some aggressive messages from loudspeakers of nearby Idgah. They stated that it was a daily routine for the small school children of this Idgah to shout inflammatory slogans as they passed by this colony. Again, we heard that Fahan International School‖ was had declared a holiday on February 24. Here too the attackers indulged in arson and looting of selective and pre-identified areas. One of the hospitals in the area, namely Mohan Nursing Home was ransacked. Moreover, Fair Deal‖ Maruti Car showroom was also set ablaze which was located opposite the road in Chand Bagh. A liquor shop adjoining the Maruti showroom was also looted and the liquor bottles were used as a fuel to set other properties on fire. However, the saloon shop, Jawed Habib, was untouched.
Shiv Vihar and adjacent colonies: At Shiv Vihar there were loud and clear wall graffiti and slogans reminiscent of the JNU Tukde-Tukde Gang, the Pinjra Tod Gang, the JNU ‘Azadi gang’, the Jamia plotters of Anti-CAA protests and the PFI hand all revealed in their own writings on the huge walls facing the residence-cum shopping area here. This is adjacent to a minority community locality. Here a Hardware shop and the double story house was first looted and then in a sinister way torched. Both belong to the majority community. At the main Brijpuri Road of Shiv Vihar Tri-raha was the unfortunate DRP School the Principal Ms Meena Sharma and some of the teachers and the Guard narrated the events of the horrific day. We heard of saw the brutal attack on education and civilization. Having a common wall with the now infamous Rajdhani School, that was the ‘factory of rioters’, the DRP Convent School looked like a bonfire of ironwood, iron, furniture, where the classrooms could be identified only through small broken pieces of blackboards or children torn half-burnt posters. The Principle was in tears as she narrated how around 10.30 to 11 am on February 24, minority community parents came and withdrew their children on various pretexts. She got suspicious and decided to close early. Only the DRP school Guard stayed behind for final lock-up. He was witness to the sudden bombardments of fireballs, acid packets, pointed stones etc, from the rooftop of Rajdhani school. Helplessly he watched a thick rope fall from the rooftop of Rajdhani School and people sliding down it, breaking the gates of his school and setting it on fire. In no time even the nearby Shri Parihar’s Parking, of almost 100 cars, was in flames, a roadside Blacksmith’s shop attacked, nearby shop-cum-residence of local majority community small trader torched. The rain of inflammatory ammunition continued to fall till substantial damaged done. The mob also fired at victims, shooting the young married Shri Rahul Solanki straight on the forehead.
Noor-e-Ilahi road at Mohanpuri area: The busy area with the relatively broad road has lines of shops on both sides. As per local witness Mr. Jaibeer Singh Ganga Medical Store, Mishra Paan Bhandar, Naresh Electricals and Pandit Bhojnalaya of Hari Om Mishra. It is noteworthy, as per local testimony, in this region the attackers were about to torch a parked Scooty but, someone shouted that it belonged to a certain person of the minority community. The Scooty was left unharmed.
In the Chandbaagh Brajpuri the Arun Modern School of former Congress ML Shri Bhism Sharma was destroyed. During the two day visits only one Khan shop was found to be meagerly damaged.
What we observed:
a) 90% damage to the majority community, - movable and immovable property, due to arson, torching and loot,
b) Selectively target attacks as in a row of almost 50 shops only the shops of majority community were found burnt and violently destroyed.
c) Attackers selected colonies where people are not so well educated, are also migrant workers or small businessmen. Here they pinpointed the wealthiest in this lower middle-class colony. The shops schools and homes destroyed were of majority community, to shake their confidence and livelihood.
d) The high wall running parallel to, and facing, Shiv Vihar was full of graffiti of the kind that was a hallmark of the Tukde-Tukde Gang, Pinjra Tod and JNU, Jamia type anti-national gangs. This indicates their active role in inciting gullible youth into violence and anti-national activities.
What the victims and locals told us:
a) There were hubs of gathering in the name of Anti-CAA protests near Petrol Pump and few other locations.
b) A day before riots the local councillor Tanvir, Haji Younus along with few associates visited all the affected areas - for survey of what? For earmarking target?
c) Almost 7000 youth charged with acid bottles and petrol bombs and stones in several places simultaneously. Can this be instant overnight planned because Kapil Mishra said something unfortunate?
d) The attackers were young, in the age group of 15 – 35 years, and came in a planned synchronized manner from three directions of Seelampur, Kardampur and Bhajanpura. These are border area and porous for ease of access and exit.
e) Attacks structured for afternoon, when only children and women are home or when market area is quite crowded, youth in age group of 15-25 years came in hordes from different directions and attacked all areas simultaneously. They were aggressive and appeared well trained in such attacks. This is a systematic pre-meditated approach. Can this happen without Masterminds, cash and strategy?.
f) They threw stones, petrol bombs acid bottles, broke glasses. This could not have been gathered overnight after statement of Kapil Mishra. The type of arms and ammunition was used needs some good pre-preparation time, money and training. The Catapult and ropeway at Rajdhani School also could not have been ready overnight.
g) If the wrong statement of Kapil Misra was the cause, then why attack did not happen immediately on 23rd itself. The answer came from a senior person from minority community... ‘we were told something big will happen on February 24’.
h) USA President Trump was visiting Delhi on February 24, 2020, so the day was good for international attention to the Fake narrative.
i) Mr. Sanjog Chauhan’s testimony reveals that attackers were mostly outsiders bought to do this dastardly act on humanity, they were led by locals. Danish and Haji Islam, who were among the leaders of the mob, as per testimony.
Those who deny the larger conspiracy against Bharat must remember the long drawn disinformation campaign and match the several public statements of the Tukde Tukde gang 
j) Ms. Anjali Gupta, a resident of Yamuna Vihar, C-12 Block, revealed that the entire riots were a pre-planned exercise, about which Muslim Community was already aware of resultantly, they did not sent their wards to the schools on February 24, 2020.
k) Mr. Shri Satish Gupta who was working in the Allahabad Bank, located at B- 1/14A, Yamuna Vihar, East Delhi, stated that on 24.02.2020 a mob came from the side of Chand Bagh at around 01:30 pm and started setting the vehicles on both sides of road on fire using petrol bombs.
Significance of Planning the Location of the attacks, arson and looting:
a) Near border of Delhi with other state, for easy- exit entry for perpetrators
b) Main road of Yamuna Vihar – for high visibility and maximum publicity to scare the lower category inhabitants – create fear and insecurity.
c) Shiv Vihar adjacent to a minority community – for obvious reasons to build narrative against majority community.
d) A group of ladies residing in the area of C-12 Block, Yamuna Vihar, revealed to the committee members that Muslim ladies belonging to Kardampuri area did not report for work on 24.02.2020 and other daily wage workers working in the area went back prior to the initiation of the riots. It was also being told by a fruit vendor one day prior to the riots that 7000 persons have gathered at Idgah and they would be coming to the area for the final war.
These highlights of this two-day visit and interviews of victims is self-explanatory and points towards a deep-rooted conspiracy to fracture the peaceful coexistence of Indians by targeting synchronised attacks against majority community, create sense of fear and insecurity and to also malign India before international audiences.
Staring at political irrelevance due to several successful and progressive initiatives of the central government, like a relief to Muslim women by the abolition of Triple Talaq, the peaceful resolution of decades-old Ram Janmbhumi dispute, the streamlining of J & K matters etc unnerved these habitual disruptive elements gangs of Tukde Tukde, Pinjra Tod, Jamia, JNU, PFI and their political masters in India and outside India too. Such an orchestrated attack needs much advance preparation. Thus, besides amassing arms and ammunition, fabricating huge iron catapults on school and residence terraces, we also noticed active ‘use’ (rather misuse) of naïve women and radicalisation of innocent children as tools in their nefarious designs. Since people in the NE Delhi areas are not much educated and also mostly poverty-ridden, these activist group members were able to penetrate into the community. They started campaigning in small groups, brainwashing locals, programming and wiring them to achieve their illegal designs. It is difficult to miss the objective to tear apart the national socio-cultural fabric of a vibrant progressive Bharat.
Those who deny the larger conspiracy against Bharat must remember the long drawn disinformation campaign and match the several public statements of many opposition politicians and some of the Tukde Tukde etc gang, with the February 24– 26 criminal acts. For instance, Umar Khaild Speech on February 17, 2020, suggesting planned violence - "The CAA has been brought to harm Muslims. The people should show the government its ‘Aukaat’, and take to the streets to throw it out. If enough people take to the streets, first the CAA will go, then the NPR and then NRC, eventually the government will also go".
(The writer is Chairperson-Trustee, and wasa Member of Fact-Finding Committee, Call for Justice)