Population of Asiatic lion in Gir forest up by 29%: Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulates people of Gujarat

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The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi has expressed his happiness over the increasing population of the majestic Asiatic Lion, living in Gujarat’s Gir Forest.
Sharing 'two very good news' on Twitter, Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated the people of Gujarat for their efforts which have led to an increase in the population of Asiatic lions, living in the state's Gir forest. According to the Gujarat Forest Department, their number in Gir has increased by 29% to 674.

In a tweet, the Prime Minister said, "Two very good news: Population of the majestic Asiatic Lion, living in Gujarat’s Gir Forest, is up by almost 29%. Geographically, distribution area is up by 36%. Kudos to the people of Gujarat and all those whose efforts have led to this excellent feat.”
“Over the last several years, the Lion population in Gujarat has been steadily rising. This is powered by community participation, emphasis on technology, wildlife healthcare, proper habitat management and steps to minimise human-lion conflict. Hope this positive trend continues!" the Prime Minister said.
As per the May 2015 census, there were 523 Asiatic lions in Gir, an increase of 27 % from 2010.