Indian Railway will continue to provide Shramik trains for migrants

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Indian Railways has announced that it will continue to provide 'Shramik Trains' to different states and will ferry stranded migrants to their homes. Indian Railway has also informed the State governments that it will continue to provide Shramik Special Train within 24 hours after the demand is received from the States.
As per the report, more than 4347 Shramik Special services have been operated by Indian Railways to lift 60 lakh, persons, to their destinations.
"Indian Railways is committed to continuing providing comfortable and safe movement of migrants through Shramik Special Trains as required by States," states Ministry of Railway.
The Chairman Railway Board has written letters to the States on May 29, and June 3 on the subject and emphasised that Indian Railways will provide the desired number of Shramik Special trains immediately within 24 hours of the request. Today also a letter has been sent to Chief Secretaries of the States emphasising the same.

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"The railway ministry has requested state governments to indicate their requirements about Shramik Special Trains and see that projected demand for movement of residual persons by rail mode is well chalked out and determined," the Railway Ministry stated.
"All the States/Union Territories shall take all necessary steps regarding the identification of stranded migrant workers in their state which are willing to return to their native places and take steps for their return journey, this process may be completed within 15 days from today." In an order of Supreme Court, a bench headed by Justice Ashok Bhushan
The Supreme Court has also directed the Modi Government and states to identify and send migrant workers to their native places within 15 days, help them in employment amid the Covid-19 pandemic.
Shramik trains are being run since May 1 2020.
(Source: PIB)