Former Chinese football superstar censored by China for accusing the Communist Party of ‘launching global biological warfare’ with Corona virus

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Retired Chinese footballer, Hao Haidong on June 4, criticised the Xi Jinping Government and also called the CCP as a ‘terrorist organisation’
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Hao Haidong, former China’s top footballer, accused the Communist Party of ‘launching biological warfare’ on the world with Corona virus and demanding an end to the ‘extremely sinful’ regime.
In the video published on YouTube, the sports legend reads out an 18-point manifesto and also labelled the party as a ‘terrorist organisation’ that has ruled China with ‘total anti-humanity atrocities’. He urged for a new democratic Chinese Government that would ensure ‘human rights, the rule of law and religious freedom’.
“I think the Chinese people should not be trampled upon by the Chinese Communist Party any more. I think this Communist Party should be kicked out of humanity. This is the conclusion I reached after 50 years of living,” Hao said in the video.
Hao blasted the Communist Party in a lengthy video published on YouTube, which is blocked in mainland China. The clip was aired on the anniversary of Tiananmen Square crackdown, in which the Communist Regime of China massacred thousands of innocents on June 4-5, 1989.
The former football star vowed, “To eliminate the Communist Party of China is the need of justice”.
He then touched on some of the most sensitive topics in China, urging genuine autonomy for Hong Kong as well as Tibet, and calling for an end to government corruption.
Later Hao’s account on Weibo, China’s hugely popular all-in-one online communications tool, was deleted.
Born in the eastern city of Qingdao in 1970, Hao joined the Chinese Army at the age of 10 before becoming a professional football player.
He was a striker for China’s national team and also played for the military’s Bayi team and national champion Dalian Shide.