Remove China Apps: Swadeshi tool to find and uninstall Chinese apps goes viral, races to 1 million downloads within two weeks #BoycottChineseProducts

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As anti-China sentiments gain momentum in India in the backdrop of China’s aggression along the LAC and spread of the Chinese virus across the world, a Swadeshi App designed by a Jaipur based IT firm has won massive support from Indians, getting one million downloads within two weeks!
Jaipur-based app developers One Touch AppLabs launched the application two weeks ago. The app enables the user to detect the Chinese apps on their phone and help them uninstall those apps.
Within just two weeks, the App has got more than one million downloads. It has 4.8 ratings on the Android Play Store. It is not available for Apple devices yet.
How to use Remove China Apps?
1. Download Remove china apps from play store
2. Open the Apps after installation
3. Click “scan china apps”
4. Click on bin icon in the right to remove the specific app