#VizagGasLeak RSS Swayamsevaks provide immediate relief to those affected by gas leak in Visakhapatnam

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Affected residents were provided food packets, medicines, buttermilk and drinking water by the Swayamsevaks.
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VSK Andhra: The neighbours of the surrounding villages were severely dehydrated when the chemical gas from the polymer plant located at Gopalapatnam near Venkatapuram in Visakhapatnam leaked at 3am on Thursday morning. Infants, in particular, have become very ill. Cows, buffaloes and other animals have also died.
During this time, Vignana Vihara Gudilova’s Vivekananda Hospital ambulances were also rushed to the scene for emergency services. People from other villages such as Venkatapuram and RR Venkatapuram have abandoned their homes and run to the villages of Simhachalam and Adivivaram. They took shelter Under the trees, and in Simhachalam temple Chowltries.
They have been served by RSS Swayamsevaks of Madhavadhara, Sithamma Dhara and Dwarkanagaram. Food packets were prepared in houses. Lalitha Peetham made and brought some food packets. A total of 5000 food parcels were prepared. Drinking water and buttermilk parcels were handed over to the victims.
The residents of Prahladapuram were given free homeopathic tablets by the people in the vicinity of Prahladapuram due to the inhalation of chemical gas. The distribution of food items is still ongoing.