Stories of Bharat - RSS Swayamsevaks helped Pregnant woman stay healthy

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Swayamsevaks help Pregnan
RSS Swayamsevaks and ABVP volunteers help a pregnant Nepali woman at Nelamangala in Karnataka
2 Weeks ago, RSS Swayamsevaks along with volunteers from ABVP had distributed grocery kits, and provided essential help for a working family from Nepal at Nelamangala in Karnataka. The family which had daily wage earners was finding it difficult to tide over the lockdown.
Incidentally, the family also included a pregnant woman who was into the last stages of delivery. The essential aid and items provided to the family ensured that both the family and especially the pregnant women stay healthy and nourished at the crucial time.
On April 22nd, the Swayamsevkas of Nelamangala received the news that the same lady had delivered a baby boy and that both the mother and the baby were healthy. Upon hearing the news, the Swayamsevaks reached their house to convey their wishes. The family was very happy and they inturn conveyed their gratitude to the karyakartas of RSS and ABVP for their timely help and support.