Trump invites India to join G7 as Britain proposes new alliance of 10 democracies to break China’s monopoly

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U.S. President Donald Trump wants to re-configure G7, the group of seven advanced economies in the world, to expand G7 to G10 or G11, intends to include India along with Australia, South Korea, and Russia

-Yatharth Sikka

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US President Trump wants India along with Australia, South Korea, and Russia to be
the members of G7, UK propses to make it Democracies-10 (D10)
"I'm postponing it because I don't feel that as a G7 it properly represents what's going on in the world," Trump said.
While announcing his decision to delay the summit, U.S. President Trump added that it is a very outdated grouping of countries. The G7 includes countries with the world's most abundant and thriving economies. Now he said to invite India, Russia, South Korea and Australia to be the new member countries.
Trump has attacked Beijing over its handling of the coronavirus pandemic, which began in China. On May 29, Friday he ordered his administration to start the process of ending special U.S. treatment for Hong Kong in retaliation for China's decision to impose a new security law on the former British colony, endangering the lives of millions of people and failing to uphold the autonomy of Hong Kong.
The U.S. President Donald Trump also announced that the USA would cut off ties with the World Health Organisation (WHO), besides imposing sanctions on China.
It should be noted that India was invited as a guest nation in last year's G-7 summit, which was hosted by France. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had flown to the French city of Biarritz to participate in the meeting.
Last week, Great Britain had proposed a new alliance of 10 5G countries, dubbed as 'D-10', 10 Democracies to align against China and reduce its reliance on Beijing, especially on Chinese telecom giant Huawei. Britain has planned to club India, South Korea and Australia along with G7 countries, the United Kingdom wants a G7+3, calling it '10 Democracies (D10)' which excludes Russia.
According to reports, the British government had approached Washington about a “D10” club of democratic partners.