PIB Fact Check: Old video of woman lying on ground circulated in context of migrant situation during #Covid19

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In an effort to guard against fake news being circulated on various platforms, the PIB Fact Check twitter handle busted yet another Fake News which was doing rounds on social media, making headlines in national and international media.
The video of a toddler trying to wake his dead mother at a railway station has been gone viral for the last two days.
Many, including the Opposition and other political parties and their media arms, have used the video to criticise the Union Government.
All national media and foreign media include Islamist media outlets like Al-Jazeera and the Gulf News published the news, 'highlighting the plight of migrant workers during Covid-19 lockdown'.
However, the PIB Fact Check twitter handle tweeted that the video was incorrect. The tweet said that it was an old video and was being shared out of context. It also warned against believing such false claims.