Border standoff amid Covid19; China’s worst diplomatic faux pas

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Modi’s (Donald) Trump card is working. Something fruitful and big is in the making between US-India; that has impinged China. China’s border standoff is like escort of Superpower BHARAT.
Current border-standoff initiated by China can become China’s Worst diplomatic faux pas. In order to distract the world from COVID19 mishandling, China initiated impingement syndrome in global diplomacy starting from Hong-Kong – Taiwan suppression, South-sea provocation and now needling India with border standoff.
Mr Prasoon Sharma, Honorary Fellow- Global Governance Institute, London said “This will strengthen India’s global stature and position as global anti-china forces will rally behind India. China is feeling weak and frustrated by PM Modi’s diplomatic wins. First, by re-ensuring power of Democracy, PM Modi has set an example of democratic activism in combating the Corona challenge. Prime Minister Modi, together with his federal colleagues, is leading from the front and has successfully implemented lockdown and social distancing measures with full popular support. Second, by helping the world, PM Modi enhanced India’s soft power by supplying medicines (generic and HCQ) to more than 70 countries. Third, by setting the trend, Taking a cue from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s video conferencing with the SAARC leaders, Saudi Arabia scheduled an Extraordinary Virtual G20 Leaders’ Summit. Fourth, the rise of Superpower BHARAT, India as WHO Executive Board Chairman will scrutinise all the investigation proposed by various counties against China for mishandling COVID19.”
Further, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said that Washington is discussing restructuring (moving out of china) global supply chains with India. A Big defence announcement about signing of India-Australia mutual logistics support agreement may happen soon. Fifth, by boosting the swadeshi mission, China’s border confrontation will boost the swadeshi and “Make in India” mission. After the fall in trade with the US, Declining business in India will frustrate Chinese companies like Xiaomi, Vivo.
On the contrary, if this border confrontation is Xi’s invitation to Modi to come on the negotiation table, then by maintaining Doklam style stand- stern on action but balanced in diplomatic positioning- India may create major embarrassment and loss for Xi. Because the longer the standoff goes the greater opportunity India gets to consolidate Ant-China countries and organisations. In case, China withdraws or mellow down sooner; then Xi will be seen as a weak leader internally.
At last, in recent Russian military ranking, China’s army ranked 157 even below the Somali army. The reasons why Chinese soldiers ranked low are: fear of death, greed for money, and lack of discipline