Vulgar content posted in an unauthorised WhatsApp group created in the name of Kasargod Hindu temple; WA group points to nexus of Communists and Pakistanis to show Hindu temples in poor light

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Concerning news has emerged from Bayaru in Kasargod district of Kerala where pornographic content has been posted on a WhatsApp group created by Communists in the name of a famous Hindu temple. The group had number from Pakistan which posted obscene content repeatedly in the group.
The incident came to light when a obscene video was posted in a WhatsApp group created in the name of Sri Panchalingeshwara Temple. The temple has a rich past and is part of the history of Bayar in Kasargod district of Kerala. The unsavory incident has angered devotees of Panchalingeshwara Temple and residents of the village alike. The point to be noted is that the creator of the group and admins are all active members of the Kerala Communist Party.
Sources in Bayar who informed Organiser about the incident say that the whole episode is a clear ploy of the Communists' to undermine religious sentiments of the Hindus. The group also indicates the nefarious nexus of the Communists with Pakistanis to show Hindu temples in poor light. The anti-Hindu attitude of the Communists in Kerala was made clear during the Sabarimala episode.
The creator of the group is Chandrashekar Prabhu who is a member of the Communist party. Other Admins and most members are also active Communist Party members. The group created in the name of Sri Panchalingeshwara Temple was indulging in political posts and there were hardly any content posted regarding the temple or its activities. 
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A Pakistani number was part of the WhatsApp group which posted obscene content repeatedly.
On May 22nd, members of the group noted that pornographic content was posted in the group repeatedly. On closer scrutiny, it was found that the number from which the obscene content was posted belonged to Pakistan. The number began with +92, which is the ISD code of Pakistan.
Residents question as to how did a Pakistani number come in contact of the admins of the group and why was it allowed to be part of the group. If political discussions was the intent, why create a unauthorised group in the name of a famous temple and hurt sentiments of devotees, they ask. When a number from Pakistan was added to the group, why were the admins silent, ask devotees.
Though the temple is under the endowment department of the Kerala government, a Seva Samiti which is the governing body of the Panchalingeshwara temple manages the daily affairs. The Seva Samiti has registered a complaint with the Manjeshwara police over the WhatsApp group, its admins and has sought investigation into the entire ploy. The Samiti contends that the WhatsApp group points to a deeper conspiracy of anti-national and anti-Hindu forces to demean and show Hindu temples in poor light.
Despite the complaint from the Seva Samiti, the police are yet to act on it or conduct any investigation into the entire matter. The creator of the group, Chandrashekar Prabhu, is yet to be questioned say sources.