RSS stands rock solid behind migrants

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From arranging buses for migrants to providing them with food, water and milk across the country, the RSS has stepped in to assuage the sufferings of the migrants

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Seva Bharati in Telangana arranged buses for migrants
from Hyderabad to their destinations in various parts of the state
When the issue of migrants travelling back to their home states has become a nationwide issue, the RSS Swayamsevaks are working to mitigate their misery without much ado. When the Congress was tomtoming arranging buses which turned out to be autos, Seva Bharati had already arranged several buses for the migrants to ferry them to their destinations. All necessary safety and health precautions were taken in the buses and during the journey.
In Hyderabad, Seva Bharati arranged buses to transport nearly 3000 migrant labourers from the city to their destinations in Telangana. The police acknowledged the help by Seva Bharati and infact help is some arrangements. DGP of Telangana tweeted the help by Seva Bharati and Akshaya Patra in providing transport and food for the migrants.
In Mumbai, VHP and Bajrang Dal volunteers served food to migrant labourers. Food kits were given at several other places to the migrants. Long queues of migrants were seen at places where VHP workers were distributing food from a mobile canteen dedicated for this purpose.

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Most of these migrants were bound to Bihar and were waiting to board the buses or trains arranged for them but were not sure of their next meal. VHP has identified several such locations in Mumbai where migrants are waiting to travel and has been serving them with food and other essential items too.
In Madhya Pradesh, RSS Swayamsevaks distributed food packets, drinking water, fruits and milk to the Migrant Labourers. The migrants are being served everyday by the Swayamsevaks and till now they have served to more than 3000 labourers. In Nagpur, RSS Jankalyan Samiti served food to thousands of migrant labourers travelling to Madhya Pradesh.
ABVP Volunteers distributed food packets, drinking water and masks to migrant passengers who are travelling to other states from Malur Railway Station in Karnataka. The migrants were travelling towards Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh. Similarly, in Ludhiana, Punjab, RSS volunteers provided grocery kits and other essential commodities to migrant workers.

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In Madhya Pradesh, RSS Swayamsevaks distributed
food packets, drinking water, fruits and milk to over 3000 Migrant labourers
Border areas are where most migrants from one state to another state are stuck due to various reasons. Most are waiting for government transport and other arrangements to take them to their destinations. When waiting gets longer, their sources of food and essentials items dry up. To address this situation, Swayamsevaks of Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh are providing food to the migrants at the Haryana-UP Border on a daily basis. A community kitchen is dedicated for this purpose where food is prepared and arranged into packets. Team of Swayamsevaks take the food kits and distribute them among the migrants daily.

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RSS volunteers supply drinking water to migrants travelling by train in several station
Police and local administration are short on staff to manage the migrants as most are already enganged in COVID-19 relief activitites. To aid the police and administration in this task, ABVP and RSS College Vidyarthi Swayamsevaks volunteered and assisted Police and Local Administration and helped Migrant Workers, Students, other passengers at BIEC, Bengaluru where they where temporarily accommodated before leaving for their destinations. The migrants had to be provided with masks, food, and also help in maintain physical distancing.
Service to 6.12 lakh migrant workers in Chennai
The RSS Swayamsevaks and the volunteers of Bharati Seva Sangam volunteers have been working round the clock to come to the aid of the migrant workers in Chennai who have been affected by the lockdown. Food (Lunch and Dinner) is provided through community kitchen run by BSS volunteers for 45 days where in 6,12,000 people from other states were benefited in Chennai alone.
250 daily wage earners who had migrated from other states and were living in Chennai were provided with Food and grocery kits. Around 500 construction labourers were benefited in Alandur, Chennai. 500 migrants were taken care with food and grocery kits in Porur area, Chennai. Food was served for 45 days.
Migrant workers in Chennai who were staying outside the city centre were provided with two full meals of 2000 calories as advised by Greater Chennai Corporation. 8500 people benefited through this.

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Food is provided through community kitchen run by BSS volunteers
for 45 days where 6,12,000 migrants have been served in Chennai alone
Travel arrangement for Migrants
Apart from providing food and essential items to the needy migrant workers, RSS Tamilnadu unit also made travel arrangements for the migrants who wished to travel to their native villages from Chennai. Travel arrangements through Bus was arranged for 200 families who wanted to go to their destinations in the North East.
Along with travel arrangements, 15000 Sharmik travellers were provided with food by RSS and BSS volunteers in Chennai.

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Swayamsevaks of RSS are providing food to the migrants at 
the Haryana-UP Border on a daily basis
The Government officials too provided the required support for every request of the BSS volunteers and all concerns were immediately addressed and supported on top priority.
Seva for All
Along with helping the migrants, more than 500 families of the needy were provided with grocery kits, medical help for health treatments in Chennai by Bharati Seva Sangh Volunteers.
Food was also served by Bharati Seva Sangam (BSS) volunteers for health care workers who visited from other states for health treatments. 450 people were benefited from this seva.