Havildar Hangpan Dada - Hero who showed supreme bravery in neutralising Pakistani terrorists in the Shamshabari Ranges

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Ashoka Chakra awardee Hangpan Dada killed 3 Pakistani terrorists and injured one other despite facing a barrage of machine gun fire. Today is his 4th death anniversary.
- Ganko Miso 
Ashoka Chakra awardee Han
Today- 26th May 2020 is the 4th death anniversary of Havildar Hangpan Dada who was awarded India’s highest peacetime military decoration award for valor, courageous action or self sacrifice away from the battle field- “The Ashoka Chakra”. As by the award nominates, he was being honored on the occasion of 26th January 2017. His action and devotion towards his duty and nation made him a true entitled for the award. We salute his supreme sacrifice.
Havildar Hangpan Dada known as Dada by his colleagues and regimental buddies was born on 2nd October 1979. He belonged from a small village named Borduria in district Tirap, Arunachal Pradesh. He was very active, smart and naughty (being youngest) since his childhood. Once while he and his friend went near by a river, suddenly his friend got drowned in middle of the river. The flow of the river was tremendous but without taking any consideration of the river’s depth he jumped into it and saved his friend from getting flowed by the water’s flow.
He had a deep faith and devotion towards god. He was very patriotic and always wanted to join the Indian Army. Through his intense hard work and excellent performance he made his way to the training of one of the most elite and old regiments of the Army- The Assam Regiment, with a war cry “Rhino Charge”. He got himself a part of Special Forces commonly known as “Parachute Regiment”. During his service he went to different places of northeast India and few other cities like Lucknow. Finally he showed his interest to be a part of Rashtriya Rifle and soon he was being posted to the Kashmir valley as a part of 35 Rashtriya Rifle.
The D-day 26th May 2016
Dada was posted somewhere above 12,500 feet where they spotted movements of 4 terrorist, trying to make their way into the Indian valley. They tried to neutralize them but somehow they managed to escape from their range. Soon the army opted to conduct a search operation in which one of the team was led by Havildar Hangpan Dada. He kept on keeping the moral of the boys as high as possible so to find them before the sunset. Soon they got encountered with them and Dada with his valor, intelligence and experience laid down (neutralize) the three of the four heavily armed terrorist.
Dada was leading the team from the very front but before he managed to spot the last one a bullet passed through his body. But he was not the one to be shot down by a single bullet. He tried to hold and aim towards the enemy but another one (bullet) hit his body so hard that he lose his consciousness and fell down in the lap of Mother India. Soon the fourth one was shot down by his buddies but it was too late to bring Dada back from mother’s lap. It seemed that he accepted to be among the many that chose to sleep peacefully in the lap of Maa Bharti.
Impressed by his action of bravery and commitment, he was awarded India’s highest peacetime gallantry award-“The Ashoka Chakra (Posthumously)” by the president of India on 26th January 2017. It was being received by his wife Mrs. Chasen Lowan Dada on behalf of the entire community and people of the state- Arunachal Pradesh.
He left behind his wife and two children. A daughter named Roankhin Dada and a son named Sencoang Dada. It’s true that the bullet on the evening of 26th may took a son, husband and brother away. But nothing in this world is much powerful to take away the legacy left behind by his death. He will always be in the sound, mind and heart of every individual of the nation. It’s a matter of proud for the people of Arunachal Pradesh that they got a son and brother like Havildar Hangpan Dada.
“Our flag doesn’t fly because the wind moves it; it flies with the last breath of each soldier who died protecting it.”
As we believe there is nothing greater and important than the life (freedom) of Mother Nation- India. Hence blessed are those one’s who get a chance to lay their life in serving the frontline duties of the nation. Nothing in this world can be compared with the supreme sacrifice made by the guardians of the nation. They never die because their deeds make them live a longer life in the name and heart of the nation.………Bharat Mata Ki Jai……..