After outrage, AP government puts move to sell TTD properties in abeyance; petition to free TTD from government clutches floated

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Andhra Pradesh govt has put the move to sell 50 properties of Tirumala Tirupati temple in various parts of Tamil Nadu in abeyance after the outrage by devotees and Hindu organisations. An order to this effect was issued by the AP govt on 25 May.
"Keeping in view of the sentiments of the devotees, the Government hereby directs TTD to re-examine the issue in consultation with different stakeholders like religious elders, opinion makers, section of devotees, etc. to ascertain whether these properties can be used by TTD for construction of temples, dharma pracharam and other religious activities", say the one page order.
The order says that till the matter is finalised, the proposal to dispose 50 properties by TTD will be kept it abeyance. This could also mean that it can be revived after TTD comes back with a proposal based on its 'consultation' with different stakeholder.
The AP government order on April 30th to sell TTD properties in TN and setting up of teams for public auction of the same had drawn widespread condemnation. The decision to sell the properties was taken by the TTD Trust meeting held on 29th February this year but the move became public only recently after the govt issued the order to this effect on April 30th.
Petition to free TTD from government clutches
Though the order to sell TTD properties is put in abeyance for now, aggrieved devotees are calling for freeing the TTD from the clutches of the government. The online petition calls for Tirumala Tirupati Devastanam to be governed by Hindus only and free it from AP Govt control.
The petition addressed to the Prime Minister and Home Minister of India, says "Tirumala Tirupati Devastanam ( TTD ) board is under the control of AP Government and it's chairman is appointed by the political party in power . We the Hindus want TTD out of government control and be governed by Hindus only .Government of India should bring a bill to remove all Hindu temples from Govt control to play a proactive role in protecting the rights of Hindus."
In the hands of non hindu and pseudo Hindu politicians, crores of rupees of money from devotees is being mismanaged and misappropriated. The same rules don't apply to Christian or Muslim religious bodies and are under the control of respective religious bodies.
In the name of secularism , Hindu sentiment is being hurt and totally ignored.", says the petition. The petition has garnered close to 2 lakh signatures as of 26th May.