Islamist mob lynches Assamese vendor Sanatan Deka to death for selling vegetables in a Muslim locality during Ramzan

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Faizul Ali, Lajlil Ali, Shabir Ali, Yusub Ali and Firzahan Ali are absconding after the incident 
In yet another shocking incident, a vegetable vendor was brutally lynched to death by a Muslim mob in Assam. The gruesome murder took place in Manahkuchi near Hajo in Assam, where Sanatan Das was beaten to death by one Faizul Ali and his friends.
According to a report by Time8, Sanatan Das from Teteliya villages used to work as labourer in a factory, but as the factory had shut down due to the lockdown, he had taken to selling vegetables on his bicycle to combat the financial difficulties.
A scuffle broke out after a minor incident wherein Sanatan’s bicycle accidentally hit a car. The assailants were travelling in the car and they started beating Das. They started beating Sanatan, questioning him over selling vegetables in the Muslim majority area.
As per reports, three more persons, Shabir Ali, Yusub Ali and Firzahan Ali arrived at the spot and joined the assault on the man. Faizul Ali is reportedly the brother of an AGP leader. (With inputs from Time8 & OpIndia)