Stories of Bharat - RSS Swayamsevak covers 3000 km giving rations to migrants, masks, sanitisers to police and healthcare workers

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While Lockdown has thrown millions of lives in trouble, a million other Bharatiyas like Chandrashekar from Bengaluru have provided much-needed aid and succour to them. Migrants who are travelling back to their hometowns have been affected immensely due to lack of food, essential items and earnings. Chandrashekar has traversed 3000 kilometres on the road while providing such migrants with ration and other essential items.
Chandrashekar is an RSS Swayamsevak who has been serving the needy ever since the lockdown was announced. However, in order to reach the needy at their location, he travelled to various locations in the city and outside. He collected the essential items to be given in his van and travelled to various locations distributing rations and essential items to migrants.
Apart from rations to migrants, Chandrashekar is also distributing masks and sanitisers to police and healthcare workers, in southern parts of Bengaluru. It is during these errands that Chandrashekar has clocked more than 3000 km in the last few weeks. The police and migrants have welcomed and appreciated his timely service to society.