Fadnavis lashes out at Uddhav, says Aghadi regime will 'fall apart'

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- Nirendra Dev

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BJP leader and former Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis on Thursday lashed out at the incumbent political leadership in the state for political "indecisiveness" while fighting the Covid19 crisis and maintained that there are "already cracks" in the coalition regime.
"As of now we are not thinking about it...(coming to power in Maharashtra). Right now all of us are battling with Covid19. I think that has taken a backseat. Let Covid get over...and then we will see what we can do," Mr Fadnavis said interacting in a video conference with a group of select journos from Delhi. He went onto add: ".....although I think this government will fall apart as....already there are cracks".
Shiv Sena-led coalition regime came to power in the western state last year after a former NDA constituent had dumped BJP and aligned with traditional arch-rivals Congress and NCP to come to power.
Interacting with journalists on the Covid crisis that has badly hit Maharashtra, Mr Fadnavis lashed out at the incumbent Chief Minister Mr Thackeray for what he said consistent with "political indecisiveness" that had only aggravated the situation. The video meeting was organised by the Good Governance cell of the BJP.
It goes without saying that Mumbai, the country's financial hub and home to business tycoons and Bollywood, today reflects an image of gross failure and negligence in dealing with the challenge of the coronavirus.
According to official estimates, Maharashtra accounts for more than one-third of Covid-19 cases in India, while state capital Mumbai alone represents more than one fifth.
Fadnavis also said the state government has shown utter callousness towards the migrant labourers who had to flee the state and the administration there virtually thought it would serve their purpose if the migrant people leave the state.
"These migrant people have contributed immensely for the economy of Maharashtra. Some industries and especially housing industry is greatly dependent on migrant workers only. Now that these migrant workers have gone back, my fear is they may not come back ever," Mr Fadnavis said in reply to a question.
Thus even after Covid and once you get back into business of running the industries and if there are no adequate labourers - "this will have very adverse affect (bahut bura asar)" on industries in the western state.
This is all the more challenging when India is trying to tap the adverse industrial climate in China and trying to attract industries in India and also in Maharashtra.
"Thora darey hue bhi haen (Uddhav Thackeray has some fear psychosis also)," the BJP leader said adding perhaps he thinks - what will be the impact, "If I take one decision or the other". Moreover, there are also "ghootbaazi (warring factions)" in the coalition regime of Sena-NCP and Congress.
Fadnavis said there are several factors for the "indecisiveness" on the part of the Maharashtra government under Uddhav Thackeray.
"I think, there is also large scale dependence on the bureaucracy. This is the time when the political leadership has to take a call. The Chief Minister (Uddhav) is new, he is greatly dependent on the bureaucracy," remarked former Chief Minister.
"The much important balancing is not happening, and so decisions are not being taken," he said. Mr Fadnavis also said about 30-35 positive covid19 patients in the country are from Maharashtra.
"Even in casualty figures, almost 40 per cent of deaths due to coronavirus in the country is from Maharashtra," Mr Fadnavis added.