From arranging buses for migrants to providing them with food, water and milk across the country, RSS stands rock solid behind migrants

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When the issue of migrants traveling back to their home states has become a nationwide issue, the RSS Swayamsevaks are working to mititgate their misery without much ado. When the Congress was tomtoming arraning buses which turned out to be autos, Seva Bharati had already arranged several buses for the migrants to ferry them to their destinations. All necessary safety and health precautions were taken in the buses and during the journey.
In Hyderabad, Seva Bharati arranged buses to transport nearly 3000 migrant laborers from the city to their destinations in Telangana. The police acknowledged the help by Seva Bharati and infact help is some arrangements. DGP of Telangana tweeted the help by Seva Bharati and Akshaya Patra in provding transport and food for the migrants. 

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Im Mumbai, VHP and Bajrang Dal volunteers served food to migrant labourers. Food kits were given at several other places to the migrants. Long quees of migrants were seen at places where VHP workers were distributing food from a mobile canteen dedicated for this purpose.

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Most of these migrants were bound to Bihar and were waiting to board the buses or trains arranged for them but were not sure of their next meal. VHP has identified several such locations in Mumbai where migrants are waiting to travel and has been serving them with food and other essential items too.
In Madhya Pradesh, RSS Swayamsevaks distributed food packets, drinking water, fruits and milk to the Migrant Labourers. The migrants are being served everyday by the Swayamsevaks and till now they have served to more than 3000 laborers. 

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ABVP Volunteers distributed food packets, drinking water and masks to migrant passengers who are travelling to other states from Malur Railway Staion in Karnataka. 

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