Palghar Lynching: VHP urges President to impress upon Central and State Governments to conduct an urgent investigation by a Central Investigating agency

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The Vishwa Hindu Parishad has submitted a representation to the President of India urging him to impress upon Central and State Governments to conduct an urgent investigation by a Central Investigating agency and ensure a speedy and impartial investigation of the heinous crime. The VHP representation urges that a speedy and efficient prosecution of the case which will punish the culprits as early as possible will restore the confidence of Hindus.
The VHP representation signed by President VS Kokje and Secretary General Milind Parande says that the lynching of Sadhus was a pre-planned conspiracy as the Sadhus were tracked and handed over to a murderous mob. The incident was also hushed up for couple of days by the local administration and caused public outrage only after the video of the incident went viral, says the VHP representation. It also says that police failed to protect the sadhus, calling for timely reinforcements and also in countering the rumours spread against the victims. 
The VHP says that local residents of the area are sure that it is not a crime committed under any misunderstanding but a planned murder of Hindu Sanyasis because they were Hindu Sanyasis. A large scale anti- Hindu propaganda is being carried on in the area by some nonpolitical and political leftist organizations like Communist Party of India, Marxist (CPM) and Christian Missionaries operating in the area carrying on proselytizing activities, says the VHP representation.
As the local MLA belongs to CPM and with the ruling NCP having considerable support who are also supported by the Christian Missionaries against Hindus. Hence, the possibility of involvement of these elements in the mob lynching cannot be ruled out. But the state government seems to be in a great hurry to explain away the incident on the excuse of a false rumour as it has not even ordered any judicial inquiry in to the incident as the kingpins are still at large says the VHP.
The VHP representation further says entire Hindu Society of the Country, various Hindu Organisations including Saints and religious leaders of all sects of Hindus are deeply hurt, pained and disturbed by the ghastly murders. They have condemned the murders and inaction of the police in the matter in no uncertain terms. They have also expressed their apprehension about the matter being trivialised for political considerations by the State Government and demanded that the matter be thoroughly investigated through a Central Agency.
Vishwa Hindu Parishad also feels that the State Government is not taking the matter seriously and is trying to cover up the failure and inaction of the police in protecting the victims. The VHP therefore through the representation urges the President to impress upon the Central and State Governments the urgent need of getting the matter dealt with by a Central Investigating agency at the earliest.
Speedy and impartial investigation of the matter and speedy and efficient prosecution of the case is needed to get the culprits punished as early as possible to restore the confidence of Hindus of the Country at large and of the area in particular in the law enforcement agencies, says the VHP representation.