Police Recovered 90 Fresh bombs from TMC leader’s house in West Bengal

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 When India is going for Lockdown 3.0, the bomb-making factories for political purpose are still functioning in West Bengal
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Illegal works running in bengal in presence of TMC leader amid lockdown
Indians are staying at home due to lockdown; everything is stopped. Every political programme is cancelled. But still, some people are running their illegal work in west Bengal, Despite lockdown. People are running their illicit business coal; somewhere people are running their building bomb. Yes, you here, right. Bomb makers are making a new bomb in this lockdown. This news came from the Red zone area, East Medinipur. Today police rescued 90 fresh bombs from TMC leader Qasimuddin's home. Police got the news secretly, and went on that place and recovered 90 fresh bombs. Generally, at that place frequently happened bomb attack on different groups of TMC party, as well as on another party.
The whole state is in crisis due to Corona. No one can get out of their house due to lockdown. And in the midst of this crisis, fresh bombs were recovered from the home of All India Trinamool Congress leader, causing a stir in the whole area. East Midnapore has been declared as a red zone area, and 90 fresh bombs have been recovered from the house of Bhagwanpur Trinamool leader Qasimuddin. The bomb disposal unit has been called in to defuse the bomb. Trinamool (TMC) leader Qasimuddin has been arrested by police. After receiving information from a secret source, the police of Bhagwanpur raided the house of the Trinamool leader.

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East Medinipur, Police recovered fresh bombs from TMC leaders house
After raiding the house, 90 fresh home-made bombs were recovered from the garden of the leader's house. The bomb disposal unit has been informed about deactivating the bombs. However, after the bomb was recovered, panic spread in the whole area. The locals feared that the situation would not be like that of Naihati when the bomb was defused.
It is to be noted that regular bombings continue in the area between the two grassroots groups. Even in the midst of the lockdown, grassroots clashes have erupted in the area. The bomb disposal team came and recovered the fresh bombs from the house of the Trinamool leader. The bombs were taken away in three plastic containers. It was then taken to the banks of the Keleghai river and deactivated.
As reported earlier in Organiser, the mushrooming of factories producing crude bombs, stockpiling of explosives in offices of the TMC and the general apathy of the state administration towards law and order indicate an imminent crisis in West Bengal.
(Via: Bangla Hunt)