Over 100 dignitaries send petition to Delhi Lt. Governor against the misconduct of Delhi Minority Commission Chairman, say ‘anti-national act by Zafarul Islam Khan is unpardonable’

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Prominent personalities, including retired judges, top bureaucrats, police officers and veteran army officers from Delhi and other parts of the country have sent a petition to the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi today, seeking stringent action against the misconduct of Delhi Minority Commission Chairman Zafarul Islam Khan.
“We the ‘Concerned Citizens of India’ are extremely anguished and deeply hurt by the manner in which Mr Zafarul-Islam Khan has blatantly flouted the norms of propriety of conduct of a public servant occupying the exalted position in the Delhi Govt that he holds. He has brought disrepute to our beloved country and has shown total disregard by writing such a post on the Facebook. Inflicting disgrace to the high office that this gentleman holds, he has taken pleasure in showing our country in bad light in the global sphere,” the signatories alleged in the petition.
“In a wholly ill-conceived communal rant, he has thanked the Government of Kuwait for standing with the Indian Muslims, portraying a divided India. He had called the Hindus of the country as bigots, and alleged that they are involved in persecution of the Muslims. He has crossed all limits of propriety used even more derogatory words for the people of India in the post and praised people like Zakir Naik, and others, the dubious Anti-India voices. This is an attempt by Mr Zafarul Islam Khan to create disharmony amongst the people of India and bring disrepute to the Country’s image,” says the petition.
The petition stated that such an anti-national act by a very high public authority of India is unpardonable and must be viewed very seriously at the highest levels.
They urged the Lt Governor to to take immediate cognizance of the matter on priority and take exemplary action against Mr Zafarul Islam Khan as Mr Khan has lost the legitimate and moral right to hold such a high public office.
Among the 106 signatories are Justice S M Soni, Former Judge Gujarat High Court and Lokayukt State of Gujarat, Justice Permod Kohli, Former Chief Justice Sikkim High Court and Chairman CAT, Justice M.M.Kumar, Former Chief Justice J&K Court and Chairman, Sri Anand Bose, IAS Former Chief Secretary Kerala, Sri Saurabh Kaushal, IAS Former Chief Secretary, Punjab, Sri R.S.Gupta,IPS Former COP, Delhi, Sri Vidya Sagar, IFS Former Ambassador etc.