Bhimbor Deori - Great son of Ma Bharati who foiled attempts to merge Assam into East Pakistan

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It was due to Bhimbor Deori's administrative and diplomatic strategies, he was able to convince British to merge Assam with India. Today is the birth anniversary of the great patriot.
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Bhimbor Deori was born on 16th May 1903. His political acumen worked as a saviour for the greater Assamese society, especially at the time of the Grouping plan. It may be mentioned here that as per the grouping plan of the British Government conspiracy was hatched to make Assam part of Pakistan.
Bhimbor Deori could foresee the threat posed by the Cabinet Mission plan. He used his administrative and diplomatic strategies to convince the British authority and protect the greater interest of Assam and merge with India. This great son of Ma Bharati took his last breathe on 30th November, 1947.
Paying tribute to Bhimbor Deori, Gopinath Bordoloi in the magazine Nayak termed Deori as 'people's leader' in real sense of the term. Bordoloi asserted that Deori's thinking was by no means separated from other Nationalist Assamese. Deori was a genius and fearless leader. As a minister in Bordoloi ministry he could prove his fearlessness, honesty and efficiency within a short period of time.
The country pays tribute to this great leader on his birth anniversary today.