Serving the Most Marginalised

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Anidst the fight against corona-pandemic, the volunteers of Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram help the tribals in need across the country

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Health Centre run by Seva Samrpan Sansthan workers in Sonbhadra district of
Uttar Pradesh during the lockdown
New Delhi: When the entire country unitedly fights against the deadly coronavirus pandemic, the volunteers of Akhil Bharatiya Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram, the largest organisation serving the tribals in Bharat, are helping the tribals in need. Apart from extending helping hand to the local administration, they have started some initiatives at their own level. Appreciating the work being done by different people, Kalyan Ashram national organising secretary Shri Atul Jog expressed gratitude towards the doctors, nurses, drivers, police, administrative authorities and medical staff in the hospitals who are tirelessly working to provide citizens with essential services. “I greatly appreciate their selfless services for the cause of humanity, while being least concerned about their own lives,” he said.
Shri Jog informed that the Vanvasi Kayan Ashram activists were keeping track of the situation especially of the far-flung tribal villages and are gathering necessary information through their phone. “We have planned to appoint our activists at block, district and regional levels to collect necessary information and to assist the government agencies to counter the danger of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our activists are apprising the government authorities of the inconvenience and hardships faced by the people in villages. Along with helping the government agencies, our activists have undertaken some relief initiatives on their own also,” Shri Jog told Organiser.
Kalyan Ashram runs a hostel for students in Thiruvanthapuram district of Kerala. Utilising the facilities available, the Kalyan Ashram activists have created a relief centre there. They are distributing meals to the needy families. They are also making sanitizer liquid to give to the people. They have also distributed face masks to tribal villagers with the help of forest officials of the area. Food items have been distributed to some families belonging to Irla tribe of Tiruvallur district in Tamil Nadu.
The Kalyan Ashram activists have distributed face masks to tribals in Mallampur district of West Bengal. They have distributed face masks and food to the needy people in Kathmandu, Nepal also. Rajasthan Vanvasi Kalyan Parishad has converted its student hostel in Kotra into a relief centre and is helping the people in need. Quintals of green vegetables have been distributed to the villagers. The hostels in Kotra and Pindwada have been converted into clinics and health services are being provided to the villagers. This initiative has provided great help to the government authorities.
In Shahpur Tahsil of Kalyan district in Konkan region of Maharashtra, 88 needy families of 15 villages belonging to Katkari tribe have been provided kits of essential grocery items. The same plan would be executed in Raigad and Palghar districts of the Konkan region of Maharashtra soon.
Over 300 tribal families in Tharu tribal area of Uttarakhand have been provided with food items from Sitarganj hostel run by the Kalyan Ashram. Seva Samrpan Sansthan runs a laboratory to test COVID-19 in far-flung tribal areas of Sonbhadra district in Uttar Pradesh. So far, 22 people in Shish Tola and 40 people at Asandih centre have examined for the disease.
Over 1000 families of Chanchu and Beda tribes from 9 Villages have been provided with essential grocery items in Yadgiri District of Karnataka.