Confront China with a strong and better foothold

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We must leave the hope that Chinese government will work impartially in consonance of international hope and wishes. Sooner the world understands this, the better for the interests of each country.
- Vishal Kumar
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What changes have we witnessed in past few weeks? It's all about yesterday that the Globe was worried of China's irresponsible response towards Covid' 19. It was accused of the fact that China tampered information in the interests of Communist Party and silently allowed Corona Virus to escalate all across China until it became impossible to hide. And now when China has contained the consequences of Corona Virus within its borders and the locus has been shifted to Europe and America, China has had been trying to promote a new story that it has had been taken lightly by a group of developed nations of the world.
Now after steering the impact of Corona Virus in China, Communist Party under the leadership of Xi Jinping is mobilising resources and medical equipment all across the globe and hence improving its market and economy. The foreign minister of Italy, Luigi Di appraised China of its efforts in helping Italy with doctors and medical equipment. In addition to that, Maio also showed his resentment towards other nations of Europe who assured of helping Italy during times of crisis like this. Meanwhile, the President of Serbia also expressed that European Unity is only felt on paper. He also expressed that he has written a letter to his friend cum brother, Xi Jinping, to help Serbia with medical equipment and also expressed his trust in the will and cooperation of China.
China has had been compared with nations of developed and economically rich West with respect to supply of urgent medical services. Where on the one hand, European Union has proved his critics right of their ineffectual attitude towards common redressal of crisis like this, America on the other is itself apologetic of the miserable condition it's stuck in. With the transmission of the outbreak all across the globe, China is outreaching beyond France, Belgium, Italy, Iran, Philippines, Iraq and even America. The country which is the source of the most deadly virus, is not only getting recognized as Protector by several countries globally but is also seen as a Victim.
The construction of this alternative reality has had been done completely under the supervision of Communist Part of China. By regulating the flow of information in respect to Corona Outbreak from the beginning, CPC has not only endangered the lives of Chinese but has also led this disease turn into fatal epidemic and thereby troubled the entire globe. And throttle those who tried to bring correct information regarding it. And now the same country by providing medical facilities is trying to establish itself as a cooperative nation.
Now the way Trump has been criticised of accusing China of bringing Wuhan Chinese Virus is proving China's hardiment in shaping global debate. Recovery of China is effecting global rationing. The CPC has given its corrupt campaign a noble image. The party for decades has kept the world in doubt that if it integrates in the global arrangement then it will establish itself as a powerful Liberal Party. But this is not going to happen. The basis of CCP's existence is it's information asymmetry and control over its population then how can we expect it to leave all these ties? Infact it will control this more aggressively. CCP under the leadership of Xi Jinping will ensure that its Chinese population repose faith in their aggressive leadership instead of becoming partner in letting Corona outbreak into a Pandemic. Such supervision that has not only controlled the situation within the country but also helped others.
So all the appraisers of CCP should observe the price that has been paid by a common Chinese and globe together in order to maintain CCP in power politics. We must leave the hope that Chinese government will work impartially in consonance of international hope and wishes. It will be better for the globe to accept that CCP with its lethal consequences shall stay longer with us.
(The author is a student at Campus Law Centre, DU)