Stories of Bharat - Vanavasi Karyakartas amazed by the honesty displayed by the poorest of the poor

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Vanavasi Kalyan Ashrama Karyakartas at Sooligere village near Basavanabetta Forest in Karnataka
Karyakartas of Vanavasi Kalyan Ashrama had been to Sooligere village near Basavanabetta Forest in Karnataka to distribute grocery kits. On identifying a house which housed 6 people as per records, the Karyakartas distributed rice, dal sufficient to the 6-member family. The honest family said, “They were only two presently at home and the others were temporarily staying at a different place”
In another distribution house at Basavannapura village while the ration kits were being delivered in a house, an old man came into the house where the delivery was happening. The lady of the house promptly said that the ration kits are more needed for the old man and his wife who stay close by as all the avenues of earning a meal are disconnected. She insisted the karyakartas to deliver to the old man’s family what she was being provided.
Honesty among the tribal community certainly amazed the Vanavasi Karyakartas. Similarly, at Bhadravati’s Hosa Bullapura, RSS Swayamsevaks had organised distribution of groceries to the daily wage earners living in huts and temporary shelters. When approached, the women here humbly turned down to receive the grocery kit. They said, “We thank you for the gesture. Although we are poor, we currently can continue with what we have and preparing two square meals does not look difficult at this stage. We would instead request you to distribute the kits to someone else who needs it badly.”
Honesty and caring for others in Bharatiya society has never vanished.