Humanity Triumphs During Lockdown

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Tough situations bring the best out of everyone. The country amid a health crisis is also witness to the kindheartedness and warmth of both the rich and the poor. Experiences of Swayamsevaks serving the needy is a testimony for the same
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1. Vanavasi Kalyan Ashrama Karyakartas at Sooligere village near Basavanabetta Forest in Karnataka
2. Mamata, vegetable vendor from Rajajinagar reserves some vegetables to be given for free to the needy 
Lockdown is a difficult phase for everyone more so for the downtrodden and the poor who live on daily wages. However, it is during these testing times that the best of our collective efforts can be seen and heard. We have read about selfless service of organisations like RSS and VHP serving the needy with food and essential items to mitigate the lockdown. It is during this act that Swayamsevaks and volunteers have come across heartwarming and humane stories that shows how humanity triumphs during lockdown.
In several instances, the service of the Swayamsevaks was acknowledge with unseen love and warmth and in other cases those whom we think as needy have themselves come forward to help the country fight the Corona menace. These stories in the hour of health emergency shows that we all stand together in this fight. We look at some of these stories from across the country.
Vanavasi Karyakartas amazed by the honesty displayed
Karyakartas of Vanavasi Kalyan Ashrama had been to Sooligere village near Basavanabetta Forest in Karnataka to distribute grocery kits. On identifying a house which housed 6 people as per records, the Karyakartas distributed rice, dal sufficient to the 6-member family. The honest family said, “They were only two presently at home and the others were temporarily staying at a different place”
In another distribution house at Basavannapura village while the ration kits were being delivered in a house, an old man came into the house where the delivery was happening. The lady of the house promptly said that the ration kits are more needed for the old man and his wife who stay close by as all the avenues of earning a meal are disconnected. She insisted the karyakartas to deliver to the old man’s family what she was being provided.
Honesty among the tribal community certainly amazed the Vanavasi Karyakartas. Similarly, at Bhadravati’s Hosa Bullapura, RSS Swayamsevaks had organised distribution of groceries to the daily wage earners living in huts and temporary shelters. When approached, the women here humbly turned down to receive the grocery kit. They said, “We thank you for the gesture. Although we are poor, we currently can continue with what we have and preparing two square meals does not look difficult at this stage. We would instead request you to distribute the kits to someone else who needs it badly.” Honesty and caring for others in Bharatiya society has never vanished.
 The vegetable vendor who donates vegetables for the needy
Smt Kshama Nargund, advocate from Bengaluru narrates her experience in this anecdote below on a vegetable vendor called Mamata. Seva comes in myriad forms and one can practice it the way he/she would want to.
“This is Mamata. She is a vegetable vendor in Bengaluru Rajajinagar’s Ram Mandir locality. I had been to buy some vegetables with her. A person came to her shop and picked a real huge bunch of curry leaves. He asked her for the price. Mamata immediately asked him if he was buying them for cooking. He replied in the affirmative. Then she inquired to whom they were cooking and found out that they were cooking for about 300 construction laborers. She inquired which area they supplied and once she was convinced that they were genuine told them that they can take any number of vegetables as and when they want for free.
She also told that she keeps aside some vegetables for them every day (even when everything is normal) and many construction labourers have come to take them from her. She said that is the least she could do to help them.
Now that’s Seva. My salute to such unsung mothers . She is definitely a mother to many. Btw, when I asked her if I can take a photo of hers, she very shyly accepted my request.”
Kshama’s post went viral and Mamata’s concern for the society was acknowledged by all. The next day Minister for Primary & Secondary Education of Karnataka Shri Suresh Kumar visited Mamata’s shop and appreciated her dedication for the society during these testing times.

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 Kori Parvatamma, a Octogenarian who wants Swayamsevaks to perform her last rites due to
their service to society. 
RSS Swayamsevaks and ABVP volunteers help a pregnant Nepali
woman at Nelamangala in Karnataka
Octogenarian who wants Swayamsevaks to perform her last rites
Santosh Sogalad, RSS Karyavah of Savadatti Taluk narrates an experience that had Swayamsevaks awestruck. The RSS Swayamsevaks from Belagavi district in Karnataka were on their usual errands to serve the needy. On 15th April, they started on their vehicles to distribute grocery to needy in the villages when they reached Kori Parvatamma’s house in Savadatti of Belagavi District of Karnataka. The house was in a dilapidated condition.
The octogenarian lady seemed to be alone at home. The Swayamsevaks called for the grand old lady and after multiple calls came out. As planned she was provided with the grocery kit by the Swayamsevaks.
The old lady had tears in her eyes. She had not expected anyone to come home to give her grocery during the time of lockdown. Apparently she had not forgotten and she recollected rightly that it was the same people (Swayamsevaks) who had during the time of floods last year came home and offered help.
The lady thanked the Swayamsevaks. The Swayamsevaks were quick to respond saying the money for service activities is donated by people of the same society and RSS as an organization asks us to deliver it to the needy. So the gratitude should be directed to the society and the Sangh and not us who are mere foot soldiers during such emergencies.
The octogenarian did not stop there. She showered blessings on the swayamsevaks and also said, “Ensure that you are near me when I die…I consider it as a boon to have you people do my last rites for I am sure to attain Moksha” Well, these words were quite heavy for the Swayamsevaks to digest and considered them as blessings from the old lady who really was in need of help. The Swayamsevaks were also thankful to the society and the Sangh which enabled them to be part of such noble acts of serving the needy.
Swayamsevaks helped Pregnant women stay healthy
2 Weeks ago, RSS Swayamsevaks along with volunteers from ABVP had distributed grocery kits, and provided essential help for a working family from Nepal at Nelamangala in Karnataka. The family which had daily wage earners was finding it difficult to tide over the lockdown.
Incidentally, the family also included a pregnant woman who was into the last stages of delivery. The essential aid and items provided to the family ensured that both the family and especially the pregnant women stay healthy and nourished at the crucial time.
On April 22nd, the Swayamsevkas of Nelamangala received the news that the same lady had delivered a baby boy and that both the mother and the baby were healthy. Upon hearing the news, the Swayamsevaks reached their house to convey their wishes. The family was very happy and they inturn conveyed their gratitude to the karyakartas of RSS and ABVP for their timely help and support.