Ensure Victory through Collective Action

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RSS Sarsanghachalak Shri Mohan Bhagwat, in his Varsh Pratipada message on March 25, calls upon the Sangh swayamsevaks to join the war against Coronavirus

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  Sarsanghachalak Shri Mohan Bhagwat delivering the message
Nagpur: RSS Sarsanghachalak Shri Mohan Bhagwat, in his Varsh Pratipada message on March 25, 2020, described social distancing as the key to win the war against Corona pandemic and said ensuring social distancing is the collective responsibility of all the countrymen. “The habit of following social order, keeping national interest above everything and personal interests aside that we always follow in the Sangh is very useful at this hour of crisis. We all are habitual of it. If we follow it, the society will automatically follow it,” he said in a video message, as no open function could be organised this year following national lockdown due to the Corona pandemic.
“The new Samvatsar is beginning at the time when the entire world is fighting against a global crisis. Bharat, along with the entire world, is also fighting this war. Therefore, the Sangh swayamsevaks have a role to play in it. Since Varsh Pratipada is the day to pledge, we have to pledge to win this war against Coronavirus. Apart from doing our own work, we have to effectively discharge our social responsibility by joining the activities being carried out to curb the spread of this killer virus,” Shri Bhagwat said in the message.

Flexibility of our Working Method

The Sarsanghachalak reminded the swayamsevaks of the flexible working method of Sangh where the activities can be carried out in different manners. “Dr Hedgewar used to say that the Sangh work can continue even if the swayamsevaks gather at a place to sleep at night with their bedding and go away in the morning. We have seen it in practice twice in the Sangh history. The Shakhas were closed for several years, but the Sangh work continued. Our work can continue by following the 21-day lockdown declared in the country on March 24. We can perform prayer in small groups of five-six persons in our buildings or with the family members inside the house. The distinguished activities carried out in the Shakha are for the general situation, but in extraordinary situation, some extraordinary method can be adopted. The main element of our Shakha is to come together, perform Prarthana and recite the collective pledge. This can be done at home also,” he said.
Sarkaryavah Shri Bhaiyaji Joshi has already issued some instructions in this regard. The necessary instructions will continue in the future also. Obviously, those instructions will be as per the policy declared by the administration to fight against this virus. We have to follow them and ensure that the society also follow them in practice. Even before the instructions of Sarkaryavahji, the swayamsevaks had started following their duties. They started relief and rescue work as per the advice and permission of the administration at different places. In the beginning, the crisis was not so deeper. So, they started work where it was required. There is a possibility that it may be taken up across the country in the coming days. We have to do what is necessary by following the restrictions of the administration, the Sarsanghachalak said.


Curb the Spread through Social Distancing
Shri Bhagwat said the society will win this war with collective action. The main thing in this struggle is following discipline by society. Medicines and other facilities obviously have a role, but the main thing is to curb its spread through social distancing. “Will power is a big power. We have to move forward by keeping in mind our pledge and remembering our duty. This day is also the birthday of the Sangh founder Dr. Hedgewar whom we have offered ‘Adya Sarsanghachalak Pranam’ today. While offering respect to him we are reminded to work as per the changing needs while keeping in mind the goal. The main characteristic of the Sangh work is to show in practice before expecting others to follow. By following this method we can show the entire country how to fight against this killer virus. This is my request to all,” Shri Bhagwat said.