Transfer of police personnel from Palghar by Maharashtra govt raises suspicions of derailing the investigation

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The Maharashtra government has transfered 35 police personnel from the Kasa Police station under which the horrific lynching of Sadhus and their driver took place on April 16th. The transfer was confirmed by the Palghar Superintendent of Police Gaurav Singh. 
The transfer of the police personnel has given raise to suspicions of derailing the investigation. BJP leaders have voiced their concern over the development and have wondered if justice would be served to the victims of the lynching. Several opposition leaders have wondered about the impact the transfer will have on the investigation and the aim of the transfer.
Sadhus Kalpavriksha Giri and Sushil Giri were lynched to death by a mob of around 300 people near Gadchinchale village in Palghar which is said to be a hub of the Christian Missionaries and their conversion factory.