‘When Indian Muslims join with Arab-Muslim world, you will face an avalanche,’ Kejriwal’s Delhi Minority Commission Chairman & Jamaat-e-Islami stooge warns Hindus

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Delhi Minority Commission
Launching a virulent attack against the Hindus, Delhi Minorities Commission chairman and Jamaat-e-Islami mole in Aam Admi Party, Zafarul Islam Khan on Tuesday warned Hindus of the country that they would face an avalanche when Indian Muslims join with the Arab-Islamic world.
Today, on Facebook,Islam Khan shared a highly venomous statement aimed at triggering communal frenzy, thanking Kuwait for “standing with the Indian Muslims”. He referred Hindus in his post as “Hindutva bigots”, and expressed his euphoria over the Hinduphobia in West Asia, that was created by fake social media campaigns.
In his post, Khan went on to assert that Indian Muslims enjoy huge goodwill in the Arab and Muslim world for their services over centuries to Islamic causes. His post comes amidst reports that Kuwait had expressed concern regarding the alleged atrocities against Muslims in the country amidst coronavirus outbreak. “The Hindutva bigots calculated that given the huge economic stakes involved the Muslim and Arab world will not care about the persecution of Muslims in India,” he said.
Hailing Zakir Naik “The bigots forgot that Indian Muslims enjoy huge goodwill in the eyes of the Arab and Muslim world for their services over centuries to Islamic causes, excellence in Islamic and Arabic scholarship, cultural and civilisational gifts to world heritage.
He hailed the anti-Hindu Islamic extremist and terrorist sympathiser Zakir Naik in his post, claiming that he is a household name in the Arab and Muslim world.
“Mind you, bigots, Indian Muslims have opted until now not to complain to the Arab and Muslim world about your hate campaigns and lynchings and riots. The day they are pushed to do that, bigots will face an avalanche,” the Islamist bigot concluded his letter, serving a stern warning against Hindus.
What Kuwait actually said?
The cadres of Kerala-based Islamic terrorist outfits, with the active support of the Pakistani spy agency ISI, had piloted a hate-campaign against Government of India in West Asia and stroked Hinduphobia among Arabs in response to criticism against the role of Tablighi Jamaat in spreading COVID-19 across India. As a part of the campaign, an old statement by the Secretary-General of Kuwait cabinet was widely circulated on social media, where the Secretary-General had parroted Pakistan’s propaganda about Muslims in India.
However, soon after, Kuwait has joined other countries like Saudi Arabia, Oman and Qatar that had officially stated that they do not support the anti-India propaganda currency going on by ‘foreign-sponsored social media handles and posts’.
BJP national spokesperson Nalin Kohli lambasted at Zafarul Islam Khan for “inviting” foreign countries to interfere in India’s internal affairs and questioned the Delhi government’s stand on his comments. Nalin Kohli also slammed the Delhi minorities panel chief for mentioning the name of Zakir Naik among honourable Indian Muslims.
Criticising the post, BJP spokesperson Sonkar Shastri said that Zafrul Islam is trying to tarnish India's image in Arab world. He demanded from Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal removal of Islam from the post of chairman of Delhi Minorities Commission.