Karnataka Government finds it easy to control Pandemic but hard to handle careless politicians

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For Karnataka Government, controlling the Coronavirus pandemic is not a big issue. The real challenge is to overcome the hurdles created by politicians belonging to all parties.
- R Guru Prasad 

Padarayanapura ROute Marc 
 Police did route march in padarayanapura and arrested hundreds of rioters who attacked police and health officials
A strong Muslim mob in the Padarayanapura area in Bengaluru attacked Police, BBMP officials, and Health care professionals including Doctors and nurses with stones, knife, and sticks when the Government tried to do a compulsory health check-up for the residents of that area. There were rumours that members of Tablighi Jamaat were staying in that area. It was a big jolt for the Government as the project to identify COVID 19 victims came to an abrupt halt. It was alleged that the mastermind behind the attack was Zameer Ahmed Khan, Member of Legislative Assembly representing that area belonged to Congress party. It is everybody's guess that in a locality which was sealed down (not just lock down) how it is possible for the hundreds of anti-national youths to come together and attack with lethal weapons when there is a high restriction on movement of people and vehicles? Is it possible for the mob to attack the police forces without somebody giving them assurances of monetary and legal support?.
When the video of 'mob attacking the Government team' went viral on social media, Zameer Ahmed Khan, said Muslims in that area could not understand the motive behind health checkups as they were uneducated and innocent. He further put blame on the Government for having gone there during night time that too without taking him along. "Government neither informed me about the healthcare initiatives nor sought my help in conducting the drive. Muslims are uneducated and innocent. Fearing the compulsory quarantine, they attacked the Government team. Going there during the night time was a big mistake. Attack would have been diverted if I was also present there," said Zameer.
Karnataka Chief Minister B.S. Yediyurappa got wild and summoned top police officials. Police got into action and rounded up 118 persons involved in the attack including a young notorious lady don Fairoza. The Arrest of Padarayanapura goons was just the beginning and the drama took many turns later.
The government decided to shift all the hundred-plus rioters picked up from Padarayanapura to Ramanagara jail outside Bengaluru. First, it shifted all the inmates serving in Ramanagangar Jail to Bengaluru Parappana Agrahara jail and sent all the rioters from Padarayanapura to Ramanagara jail in special KSRTC buses.
The former Chief Minister, MLA, and JD (S) president, H.D. Kumaraswamy, his wife Anitha Kumaraswamy who is the MLA of Ramanagara Constituency, D. K. Shivakumar MLA and state unit chief of Congress party, and D. K. Suresh who is the brother of D.K. Shivakumar and the Member of parliament, Bengaluru Rural put up a strong objection for choosing Ramanagara jail for putting up Padarayanapura goons. According to them, Ramanagara district is a green zone for coronavirus and putting so many in lockup may spread the virus.
The government got panic following the politician's videos doing rounds on social media criticising the decision of Government. Also, 5 people picked up from Padarayanapura tested positive for coronavirus, and the Government decided to bring them all back to Bengaluru. 

Padarayanapura ROute Marc 
The government decided to admit those five people who tested positive to special COVID ward at the Government-run Victoria hospital and the rest to be accommodated in Haj Bhavan. There were nearly Thirty five foreign nationals and others belonged Tablighi Jamaat were already in quarantine at the Haj Bhavan and they were shifted to a resort on the outskirt of Bengaluru in order to make the Haj Bhavan vacant for Padarayanapura rioters.
As the news spread that Tablighi Jamaat members were shifted to a resort, hundreds of residents of yelahanka started a protest in front of the resorts under the leadership of their area BJP MLA S.R. Vishwanath. The government has to again reverse its decision and compelled to put Tablighi Jamaat in quarantine elsewhere.
 The name of another BJP MLA from Mangalore City North constituency, Dr. Y. Bharath Shetty made the rounds as there was a stiff opposition for the funeral of a 75-year-old woman, who died of Covid-19. There was a stiff opposition by local people when the body was taken to Pachanady for cremation. Later the cremation was held in Hindu Rudrabhoomi at Kaikunje near Bantwal town. Former Minister and Mangalore MLA U.T.Khader critisised BJP MLA Bharath Shetty for indirectly protesting over last rites of COVID 19 victim. However, Bharath Shetty denied his role in the virus victim issue and said the local administration decided to change the burial ground as per the wishes of the protesting local public.
In Mandya, Government has to stop the COVID - 19 test for Journalists when JD (S) MLC KT Srikante Gowda, his son, and local people protested against conducting the test in Ambedkar Bhavan situated in the residential area. JD (S) party president H.D.Kumaraswamy blamed the local administration for choosing the location unscientifically and without taking local leaders into confidence.
There are attacks on Accredited social health activists (ASHA) reported at many places across the state. There will be controversial statements made by many politicians and the Government is finding it tough to rein in the careless leaders.
With the total tally of 503 tested positive and 19 deaths due to COVID 19, Karnataka Government is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that everything is in perfect order to contain the virus.