Palghar Lynching - An Attack on Every Saffron Clad

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Be it Swami Lakshmanananda Saraswati in 2008 or two sadhus in Palghar this month, anyone who genuinely works for the cause of Janjatis (tribals) and oppose conversions are being killed by the anti-Hindu nexus of the Left and the Christian Missionaries.
- Niyati Sharma 

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On 19th of April, social media was flooded with a brutal attack on 70- year old man, wearing saffron clothes with the blood exuding from his forehead. One could easily identify the fear of death in those rheumy eyes. The old man clings onto the policeman with the last hope of being protected from the hands of the slaughterous mob. But soon the saffron ipseity comes to an end with a sanguinary attack. To our shock in the 45 seconds video, the protectors of society, the Police Personnel was seen handing over the Hindu Saint to the barbarous demons. On the other hand the aged renunciants continued pleading for their lives. Not just this the crowd holding “lathis” in a low voice seemed shouting , “marro, marro” “ishko marro”, “goli maro”. The dead body of two Hindu Saints and one driver was thrown mercilessly in the filthy truck.
The history of the Palghar district, in Maharashtra, has to be revisited to understand the fundamental reason for the problem. Way back in 1965, ‘Hindu Seva Sangha’ was established in Theronda village of the Palghar district with an initiative to remove social, economic and educational backwardness. This social engineering initiative led to the social-economic change in the life of people who saw the initiatives as the ray of hope through different programs – education, skill development, women empowerment etc. Threatened by the increasing popularity of Hindu organizations the left-leaning institutions including the Christian missionaries, due to longing insecurity started violence which took an ugly shape leading to loss of lives.
Their plan failed as the representative of the organization named Dammu Anna Tokekar who was on their hitlist decided to escape and stay at some other place. However just to eradicate them from the village they attacked a volunteer named Wamanrao Sahasta Buddhe and his wife. Since then the left-wing and Christian missionaries tried hard to knock out ‘Hindu Seva Sangha’ from the village. The history of Palghar district speaks itself the long tradition of violence led by left-leaning organizations like CPM.
The murder of Hindu saints and the driver on the suspicion of theft with police personnel left many questions unanswered and under the cloud. The after-effects of the incident shook our collective consciousness. Diving more into the incident and it is prominent to look at the history of The Gadhcinchale Village of the Palghar district where this brutal incident took place. The village is near the border of Gujarat and Maharashtra, comes under the jurisdiction of Palghar Police station. According to 2011 census, the village has a population of 1,208 out of which 1,198 belongs to Schedule Tribe. Three days before this horrendous murder of the saints and the driver, Dr.Walwi was attacked while returning home after distributing food grains and conducting door to door thermal screening of tribals. The theory of Christians that tribals are non-Hindu has been the basis of conversion since time immoral setting the wrong narrative that Hindu saints are their rivals. The attack on the saffron-clad people is not for the first time. They are not just mocked but also treated as “half-naked fakir”. 

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In 2008 Swami Lakshmananand Saraswati along with his four followers was brutally killed by the Maoists in the Kandhamal district of Odisha in a similar manner. He was killed because he raised voice against the anti-conversion campaign in the tribal belts. On May 1, 2019 Three Sadhus were killed In Kudarkot village of Auraiya district, Uttar Pradesh for opposing cow slaughter. Individual instances against Hindu Saints usually takes places in different states. However, the mass genocide of Hindu Saints was done by Smt. Indira Gandhi. Considering Hindu Saints mere “half-naked faker”, she betrayed Sadhus after getting favour for her electoral politics. Furthermore incumbent Prime Minister of that time Smt. Indira Gandhi ordered police to open fire on the Hindu Saints protesting against cow slaughter in front of the Parliament. With the ongoing to the atrocities on Hindus, in 1964, a strong, effective and enduring Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) was established to consolidate the Hindu society and to protect the Hindu Dharma.
Unlike the scenario in 2014 with the rise to power of Narendra Modi, the Christian Missionaries tried to build a fake narrative whereby a stone-pelting incident of the church by a few children was given a communal angle. The left-wing intellectuals playing the victim card and being cry babies reflect a trend of rising intolerance against religious minorities.
Every single left-wing party is responsible for the insanity that the generation today is going through. Ironically, today the Palghar incident is taken as the merely a “mistaken identity”. The society seems to be numb about the incident and finding reasons to call it a mob lynching but on the suspicion of theft. The state machinery hurled the Sadhu to the murders. The indifferent attitude of around 250 people and the police personnel raise doubts and question. Under the blanket of Secularism, the conspiracy and propaganda is to erase the history, blood and cries of the saffron draped cold sweat Saints.
(Author is an Advocate at the Delhi High Court)