'Current Scenario and Our Role': Key takeaways from Sarsanghachalak Dr Mohan Bhagwat's national address

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RSS Sarsanghachalak Dr Mohan Bhagwat delivered an online address on 'Current Situation and Our Role' from Nagpur today. Shri Mohan Bhagwat said that we all are part of society and it is our social responsibility to help in times of distress.
When the entire world is battling with the Coronavirus pandemic, India has the capability to turn this difficulty into an opportunity to create a New Bharat that would lead the entire world towards a new world order of peace, progress, and prosperity with a human face. Let us work in that direction, exhorted Dr Mohanrao Bhagwat. 
Here are the key takeaways from Sarsanghchalak's speech 
· We are meeting virtually in a peculiar condition with the help of technology; as the entire world is grappling with the Corona pandemic and the only available solution right now is to Stay Home and maintain physical distancing.
· Many Swayamsevaks must be feeling that our work is stopped as actual Shakha, Shiksha Varg etc are not going on but life is going on so is the Sangh work. The routine work is stopped and it is replaced by some other work – this is true for our individual life and the Sangh work. Meditation in solitude and Charity in social life – this is the fundamental of our individual and collective life.
· We should follow the governments' norms and protocols including physical distancing during our work while sensitising other people. Sangh doesn’t do Seva for the selfish motive or publicity though sometimes reporting and documentation is necessary to share. The entire society of 130 crores is ours, so is the nation – we work with the same sentiment. Every needy is ours and no one should be left out is our resolve.
· To serve as per the ability has been our tradition; with the same spirit we have helped the entire world.
· Until now, we have successfully mitigated the challenge as the Government took the pro-active decisions and by and large, society also responded instantly.
· If somebody makes a mistake or defy the norms of lockdown, then it is improper to target or isolate of the entire community; the entire society of 130 crore people is the children of Bharat Mata and therefore brothers and sisters; Each community leader has a role to play in managing the fear and anger of the social groups – and maintain the atmosphere of positivity. The failure of such efforts lead to the unfortunate incident of mob lynching of revered Sanyasis in Palghar – on April 28, we should pray our tribute to the Sanyasis.
· We would not allow the vested interests who try to take benefit of the situation and indulge in divisive activities.
· Keeping the role model of Hanuman, we should be on alert and follow the norms with full caution and rigour – We should not lose out on our focus till we attain the ultimate victory; Besides the relief, we will also have to work on the future course of the society.
· 'Post-Lockdown, we need to adopt a lifestyle which ensures Environmental Protection, Water Conservation, Plant Conservation and reducing Pollution. Observing cleanliness and hygiene, promotion of organic farming is essential. As prescribed from Sister Nivedita to Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar, following the rules and regulations (Civic discipline) is also a form of patriotism.
· Consistent & fearless work is the only solution. While following all the rules we should maintain our own confidence without any fatigue or disillusionment. We will certainly win this war against #coronavirus but the real challenge will be there after that to bring in the normalcy.
· Self-reliance is the new mantra of development which implies economic system that is employable, energy efficient, and environment-friendly – this will be next stage of national reconstruction; Even during the crisis some fundamental truths are being tested. We should also take the project of national reconstruction with the fundamental principle of self-reliance.
· All sections of society and stakeholders have to come together in evolving the new model for development, just Government and administration cannot undertake this exercise; Sadbhav, sadachar, Sahyog, and Samvad will have to be encouraged for the social discipline – this is the only way to be victorious. We have lead by example at the individual and family level to begin the process of inculcating Swadeshi sanskars.
· Politics based on national interest, administration that is socially sensitive, education that is value based and the society with righteous conduct will certainly reconstruct Bharat.
· Bharat India should emerge as world leader with the spirit of cooperation, harmony, peace and positive attitude after this crisis ends and all of us have a role to play in ensuring this.