Self-reliance is the message of the Corona calamity; Consistent and fearless work is the only way forward: Sarsanghchalak Dr Mohan Bhagwat #SanghKiBaat

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RSS Sarsanghachalak Dr Mohan Bhagwat delivered an online address on 'Current Situation and Our Role' from Nagpur today. Shri Mohan Bhagwat said that we all are part of society and it is our social responsibility to help in times of distress.
During his address, Shri Mohan Bhagwat strongly condemned the brutal lynching of Sadhus in Palghar and said that they had committed no crime and were serving humanity. He also urged that the police should take stringent action against the culprits. He announced that the RSS will follow the call of the Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha and the Vishwa Hindu Parishad to pay homage to the murdered ascetics on April 28.
When the entire world is battling with the Coronavirus pandemic, India has the capability to turn this difficulty into an opportunity to create a New Bharat that would lead the entire world towards a new world order of peace, progress, and prosperity with a human face. Let us work in that direction, exhorted Dr Mohanrao Bhagwat.
He said that the regular RSS shakhas may be out of sight but a new kind of activity Sewa activity is being undertaken by lakhs of swayamsevaks to help and reach out to those millions of countrymen suffering due to this corona calamity.
He appealed to the swayamsevaks to take all precautions as this sewa is risky involving great risks to personal safety just like the doctors, health workers, and police personnel are exposed to this risk. He said that consistent and fearless work is the only solution. While following all the rules we should maintain our own confidence without any fatigue or disillusionment, Bhagwat added.
There is no need to be afraid of this pandemic. With confidence, the balance of mind, proper planning, and consistent efforts we can win the war against the coronavirus, he said urging all to serve the needy and affected people with love and charity.
Those suffering from this pandemic are our own people; all the 130-crore people of India are our own and with this feeling of oneness, love, affection, and unity we should serve them, he said underlining the need to remain vigilant forever.
As compared to other countries of the world, India took immediate steps to impose lockdown and initiated other measures to contain the spread of the pandemic. As a result, we succeeded in arresting the spread of coronavirus to a great extent.
He made an indirect reference to Tabligh Jamaat people who were instrumental in spreading Coronavirus to over 30 percent of infections across the country but warned against labeling the entire Muslim community responsible for this. “It is wrong to blame the entire community for the wrongs committed by a handful of people”, Bhagwat said reiterating that all those born in Bharat are our own people. We should shun hatred and stay away from those instigating elements trying to use this health emergency to further their divisive agenda, he added.
He further said that the coronavirus pandemic would be over after a certain time. But it would leave some very pertinent questions to be answered. We have experienced in this lockdown some positive aspects of life such as living together in families, using swadeshi articles, and so on. This has helped in developing positive dialogue in the families.
Families are the basic unit of our society. With this opportunity to live together for a longer period, we are experiencing that the dialogue between the family members is increasing positively leading to a proper understanding of each other’s feelings and needs and requirements and it has also underlined the need to follow certain disciplines.
What will be the shape of things in the post-corona world? How will India address those challenges? Referring to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s address to the Sarpanchs of the nation where he underlined the developing swadeshi model, Bhagwat said we will have to develop our own model of development based on this truth bared by this corona pandemic.
In the light of these experiences, and the positive effects of lockdown on our environment can we develop a new model based on self-reliance and swadeshi, he asked. We will have to do it, there is no other alternative, he added.
Along with the government and the administration, the people will also have to play an important role in developing such a model that will bring economic prosperity along with communal harmony, social discipline, mutual cooperation, and peace. The government will also have to make the administration more society-oriented, and political parties will have to adopt policies that will promote people’s wellbeing and safeguard their interests rather than serve their political agenda.
This pandemic has come with an opportunity to rebuild our nation as a world leader, a leader of the entire humanity that would guide humanity to sustainable development, progress with a humane face, and durable peace with mutual cooperation. We need to accept this challenge and work consistently to realize it in the post-coronavirus world, he said.
Key takeaways from Sarsanghchalak's speech
RSS has stopped all programmes till June. We should follow rules and regulations. It is our society and we have to involve ourselves in seva of this society. True patriotism is when citizens follow the discipline set by society.
Discipline should be the bedrock of the society’s progress post-Covid 19
We are not into Seva to prove any point to anybody. It is our society and we have to involve ourselves in Seva of this society
Whoever is suffering from #Covid19 we have to extend our support and Seva, There is no reason to differentiate. Let us not be competitive during Seva, but work together to ensure Covid19 is eliminated.
Fear, anger, lethargy, deferring things unnecessarily- are the foes not only of an individual but also of society. Sane minds across the country should strive to keep amity & calm during this hour, fortify minds with fresh thoughts, avoid politicising issue.
The 130 Crore population of India are all the children of Bharat Mata & our brothers. This should be kept in mind. There should be no fear or anger from both sides. Rational & responsible people should protect their groups from this. If this is not done what happens?  
There is no dearth of people who instigate others. It gives birth to anger. Anger gives birth to imprudence. It gives rise to extremist acts. We know that there are forces which reap benefit out of it and they are making attempts.  
There is no dearth of people who instigate others. It gives birth to anger. Anger gives birth to imprudence. It gives rise to extremist acts. We know that there are forces which reap benefit out of it and they are making attempts. 
Swadeshi, self-reliance should be the development model that also makes our society competitive as well. Let us buy goods produced by our nation. Let us help Swadeshi products. Also help manufacturers who would want to produce Swadeshi products.
It’s not only the government that will make the country independent in the economy. It’s we as a society should contribute to making it possible by India made products not lower in the quality to them. Swadeshi is the only way and we should think of it.
We should convert this crisis into opportunity and spearhead the mission of helping the world revive this from the situation.
Swadeshi, cleanliness, environmental concerns & organic farming are the new horizons where not only Govt & Administration but even the society will have to take special efforts.
The lockdown has ensured that the Samvada within the family has bettered. It is certainly good for the family. The pollution has also reduced. We need to think about how we can continuously think about nature, environment.
Even during the crisis, some fundamental truths are being tested. We should also take the project of national reconstruction with the fundamental principle of self-reliance,
The time has come to establish harmony in the society. For the people, the way ahead to rebuild Bharath is to travel being Selfish to be selfless and self-reliant.
Be and make is our real work, programs and events are but a transient feature of long journey. Inward journey (Atma Sadhana) in confinement, serving needy (ParOpakar) when free is an ideal life.
The murder of two 'sadhus'. Should this have happened? Should law and order be taken into one's hands? What should have Police done? All of this is something to think about