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Lessons from the Pandemic

Apropos (Inherent Strength is at Work), Organiser, April 19, 2020, it would be wonderful if the consumption of meat comes down post corona. It will be a great service to the universe. As per environmentalists, the destructive load on nature increases 2000 times when one kg of meat is consumed by humans instead of one kg of vegetables, leaving aside the health issues. Scientists believe this is the biggest reason for global warming and ozone depletion.
Dr. Sanjay Kumar, Ujjain

Kerala CM’s Hypocrisy

Apropos (Organiser Report Rattles Rahul Gandhi and CPM), Organiser web, this is a burning example of how a CM can behave with a vulgar mindset and outrightly reject the independent media reports about an ordeal faced by the people. It is nothing but hypocrisy that he allows DYFI people to assemble in these terrible times to harvest festival in Kollam where police are seen as a spectator and the Sewa Bharati’s efforts to distribute food packets and kits to the needy are deliberately prevented through official machinery. This is not going to succeed forever as new generation getting every fact right through transparent media not by parrot report like some Malayalam visual media is doing forgetting their true duty to society.
Sugunan, through web

Shame on you

Apropos (Why is Congress opposing PM CARES Fund and batting for PMNRF?), Organiser web, it is an eye-opener article. Have Sonia and Rahul Gandhi donated to the COVID-19 fund? Instead of this pandemic, Sonia Gandhi must not say to transfer money to PMNRF, where she is one of the trustees? Is it to
support the government instead of money matters or COVID-19 matters? Shame on you and the Congress party
Prashant Thakare,
through web

Congress Distancing

Apropos (Congress Attempt to Stifle Indian Media and its Revenue), Organiser web the interim Congress president issued a statement for her party persons on April 14 without making any appeal to party persons to show generosity for contributing to corona-relief. If she does not favour contribution to PM CARES Fund, she could have made an appeal to contribute to PMNRF, where she is a member. Even if she did not favour contribution to PMNRF, she could establish a party trust specifically for this purpose. At least she could make an appeal to contributions to Chief Minister Relief Funds of states where her party or other opposition parties are in power
Subhash Chandra Agrawal,

Great Response

Apropos (Governance and Innovations Amidst Crises) Organiser web, there is a great response from Indians during corona crisis, whether it is from Mahindra & Mahindra or Maruti or Tatas designing ventilators, sugar companies supplying sanitizers, jail inmates stitching masks, Reliance/TVS factory kitchens supplying food packets, medical technologists or government health functionaries or the Ministry of External Affairs. Kudos to all!
Krushnam Srinivas,
through web

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam

Our philosophy of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ has come to the forefront during this pandemic. The good gesture of Modi government to help the US and various other nations by sending huge supplies of hydroxychloroquine is ample proof of our philosophy that we see the world as one family and as members of the family it is one’s duty to help others. Modi truly stands a class apart, as a statesman, reassuring the world that India shall do everything possible to help humanity’s fight against COVID-19. No doubt why the Brazilian President has compared the help by India to Hanuman bringing Sanjivani to save Lakshmana’s life.
M. Pradyu, Kannur­­­­­­­­­­

Guilty be Punished

Apropos (Gurudwara Attack Underscores the Rationale of CAA), Organiser, April 12, 2020, The March 25 attack on Gurudwara at Kabul focused world attention on the plight of Sikhs in Afghanistan, the target of both local lawless elements and religious fundamentalists. They once were a significant part of Afghanistan’s principally Muslim population and a mark of its cultural syncretism and religious pluralism. We are horrified and saddened to hear this new development in Afghanistan.
Satya Minhas, UK