#Shocking Pakistan Army forcefully harvests organs from ethnic minorities: UN remains silent over Pak's brazen Human Rights violations

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The Pakistan Army is forcefully harvesting organs from ethnic minorities in the Islamic country. According to an investigative report, the Pakistan Army is actively involved in abducting people from ethnic areas of Balochistan, leaving no shreds of evidence of arrests, torturing them and forcefully harvesting their organs.
“Dead Bodies are brought by Pakistan Army wrapped in White Cloth, with Organs missing, and buried in their presence. No one is allowed to see their bodies except the faces,” says the report.
According to the reports, earlier Pakistan Army would simply dump the bodies in the secluded places, but since the allegations of Organ harvesting started surfacing, Pakistan Army make sure that they bury the dead bodies in their presence so that the family members or the members of civil society do not uncover the bodies and see the marks of stitching and any other pieces of evidence of organs being removed. None of the bodies that are returned by the Pakistan Army, are allowed to go through the Post Mortem.
Guhram Baloch s/o Basham Baloch’s was abducted by Pakistan Army. Later his dead body was dropped at his house and Pakistan Army ordered to bury his dead body under its surveillance. This news was reported on social media. Local correspondents investigated more details about this incident. It was found that his body was cleaved, and essential organs were taken out in the military custody.
According to information from local sources, Pakistan Army arrested him along with other two persons on February 22, 2019 from Herronk area of Kech district. After two days Pakistan Army handed over his dead body to his family. Young Guhram Baloch was working as a labor belonged to a very poor family. While Pakistan Army raided on his house, he was gone out to Bazaar for shopping. Pakistan Army men interrogated his family members and asked them to call Guhram Baloch. As soon as he reached home, he was arrested along with others two brothers and shifted to a nearest Army Camp. Next day both brothers were released after they were extremely tortured. Unfortunately, Guhram Baloch’s dead body was brought to his home by Pakistan Army in their own Army Cars.
Pakistan Army brought his dead body at home but didn’t allow anyone to see his dead body. They ordered to bury him urgently. A local on request of anonymity told, “The Army Personnel were standing there, and family members and other people were so aghast, due to the fear couldn’t say nothing.”
“Guhram Baloch’s body was covered with a white cloth. Only his face was disclosed. Army personnel did not allow anyone to see his body. However, during burial, they saw a little. His body was cleaved, and all essential organs were taken out,” he added.
In Balochistan, the recovery of military tortured bodies of abducted persons has been rampant for the last many years. This humanitarian crisis has been continuing since 2008. With the passage of time, situation has aggravated in Balochistan.
Beside the discovery of the tortured mutilated dead bodies of missing persons, as per reports, they cleave the bodies and take out the essential organs of missing persons in Pakistan military custody.
As per the source, “On 24-February 2013, BNM’s Vice President Lala Munir’s cousin and activist of BNM, Abdul Rahman resident of Panjgoor, was abducted by Pakistan Army and whisked off to an unknown place. Another youth Zahid Pazeer was also abducted by Pakistan Army. Both their cleaved, stitched dead bodies, with essential organs taken out, were thrown in Milar area of Karachi by Pakistan Army. Both dead bodies were recovered 10-March 2013.
BNM Central Information Secretary Dil Murad Baloch shared his party’s observations about these critical incidents. He said, “the grave violations of human rights, is not new in Balochistan. Since last two decades situation has exacerbated. Thousands of people have been victims of extreme torture and assassination. Thousands of dead bodies were dumped of the Roadside and in the forests. The majority are Baloch pro-freedom political activists who were martyred, were inhumanly tortured in Pakistan Army run Concentration Camps. This exploit continues till today.”
Over the years, the illegal organ trade has flourished in Pakistan. Because of the allegations, for name sake, Pakistan outlawed the commercial trade in human organs in 2010, imposing a jail term of up to 10 years and a maximum fine of Rs one million rupees for doctors, middlemen, recipients and donors.
The law permits donors to give their organs to recipients who are relatives and for altruistic purposes but bans the sale of human organs to foreigners.
However, recipients from countries such as Britain, Saudi Arabia and South Africa travel to the Pakistani cities of Lahore or Karachi where they are operated on in private clinics in residential areas or houses with makeshift operating theatres in basements.

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According to Human rights activist Naela Quadri Baloch, “The pace with which our people are being abducted, in few years there will be no one left in Balochistan.” She compares the suffering of Balochis to what the Jews went through at the hands of the Nazis or the pain of Bangladesh. She calls it a warlike situation, genocide to eliminate the entire tribe.
She said, “As per the existing population, every day 10 to 50 people (in Balochistan) are getting disappeared which will result in the elimination of Baloch people”.
She added, “They did the same with Bengalis, but their population was huge. Our population is less. They not only want Baloch resources including ports, gold, gas and natural resources but even the parts of our body including kidney and heart. They are kidnapping our children and women so that they get killed and their organs to be sold. Pakistani and Chinese armies are doing it together. You get the cheapest organ transplant in China. Where do they get all these organs? They have implemented the same in their country and have live blood banks. They are doing the same in Balochistan and Sindh. They are raping women and throwing their mutilated bodies. When will the UN listen to their voice?”
Manzoor Pashteen in a glaring disclosure said that 1000s of Pashtuns that are abducted by Punjabi dominated Pakistan Army are SOLD by Generals of Pakistan Army for money.
As per an estimate, 40,000 people are still missing from Balochistan alone. 25,000 Mohajirs are missing from Sindh. Similarly there are tens of thousands of Pashtuns missing from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Even Manzoor Pashteen who is regarded as the Modern Day Gandhi, in a glaring disclosure said that 1000s of Pashtuns that are abducted by Punjabi dominated Pakistan Army are SOLD by Generals of Pakistan Army for money. He said a Justice told that the missing Pashtuns were sold by Pakistan Army for Organ Harvesting.
In a Press Release on December 21, 2017, U.S. DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY said, United States Sanctions Human Rights Abusers and Corrupt Actors Across the Globe.
The Trump Administration launched a new sanctions regime targeting human rights abusers and corrupt actors around the world. President Donald J. Trump signed an Executive Order (Order) declaring a national emergency with respect to serious human rights abuse and corruption around the world and providing for the imposition of sanctions on actors engaged in these malign activities.
In an Annex to the Order, the President imposed sanctions on 13 serious human rights abusers and corrupt actors. One of the sanctioned Human Rights abuser was MUKHTAR HAMID SHAH. As per the details provided in the Annex, “Shah is a Pakistani surgeon specializing in kidney transplants who Pakistani police believe to be involved in kidnapping, wrongful confinement, and the removal of and trafficking in human organs. As an owner of the Kidney Centre in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, Shah was involved in the kidnapping and detention of, and removal of kidneys from, Pakistani laborers. Shah was arrested by Pakistani authorities in connection with an October 2016 incident in which 24 individuals from Punjab were found to be held against their will. Impoverished and illiterate Pakistanis from the countryside were reportedly lured to Rawalpindi with the promise of a job, and imprisoned for weeks. Doctors from the Kidney Centre were allegedly planning to steal their kidneys in order to sell them for a large profit. Police state that one of the accused arrested in connection with the events estimated that more than 400 people were imprisoned in the apartment at various times.”
Human Rights Activists are questioning, “Will Trump Administration impose sanctions against Human Rights Abuser, Pakistan Army and its high ranking officers including all the Army Generals who were deployed in Balochistan, for the disappearance of the missing persons and killing them after Organ Harvesting and dumping their bodies in mass graves?”

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Human Rights Activists in Balochistan are demanding that the International Human Rights organizations including International Red Cross, United Nations Human Rights Council, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, European Council, Human Rights without Frontiers, should take a stock of this grave situation in Balochistan. They are demanding that these International organizations should set up their offices in Balochistan and immediately intervene. They are requesting that all deaths in Balochistan to be reported to these International Human Rights organizations. They should also exhume the dead bodies and carry out post mortem, where the Pakistan Army has hushed up the burials without letting people see the bodies.
As per the Human Rights Activists in Balochistan, these charges are grave and need to be investigated by International Organizations. Guilty Pakistan Army Officers and Generals should be tried for war crimes in the International Court of Justice and be punished for their crime against humanity. As per the locals, if the Army of the Nation is committing the genocide of Baloch minorities, they have no other alternative than to demand total freedom from the tyrannical rule of Punjabi dominated Pakistan Army. Many family members of the victims of the brutality of Pakistan Army are forced to take up guns and are fighting a war against Pakistan Army for freedom of Balochistan.
As per locals, “Baloch people need total freedom from Pakistan. They want to form an Independent nation. Balochistan is rich in Natural Resources. These will sustain this independent new nation.” As per them, “this vicious circle of exploitation and Human Rights abuse will end only when they get freedom. Till then their freedom struggle will continue.” They requested International community to recognize Balochistan Government in Exile until they get Freedom from Pakistan.