Did the Mumbai couple refuse delivery due to the man's religion? - Hit job by 'secular' media on couple refusing delivery by a Muslim busted

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The 'secular' sections of the media which went to town claiming that a man in Mumbai refused delivery from a Muslim man due to his religion have egg on their face. The media which narrated a one-sided version based on a video, did not verify the complete facts before judging the situation. It has now emerged that the delivery was refused as the man who was delivering the order was not following safety norms for avoiding Corona infection and had brought groceries from a store located in a hotspot. 
In a video testimony, the man accused of rejecting the delivery says that the order for groceries was made online by his daughter in Hyderabad. When they went to collect the delivery, they saw the driver was without gloves and face mask. He was constantly touching his face and was unkempt. Moreover, he told them that the groceries were brought from a store in Nayanagar which has been marked as a hotspot in Mumbai.
It was due to these reasons that the delivery was rejected says the man in his testimony now shared on social media. He categorically says that he never once said that they were not accepting the delivery because he was Muslim. This can be verified in the video which went viral earlier based on which the hullabaloo was created. Infact, it was the delivery person who himself accused the couple of not accepting the delivery because he was a Muslim.