Palghar Lynching - Delhi lawyer files petition to Maharashtra CM; Seeks 1 crore compensation, transfer of the case to CBI & speedy justice

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Petition Pakghar Lynching
A legal representation by Advocate Ishkaran Singh Bhandari on behalf of wife and mother of Nilesh Telgade, driver of two Sadhus Maharaj Kalpavruksha Giri ji and Maharaj Sushil Giri ji, all 3 of whom were the victims of the barbaric Palghar lynching on 16th April to the Maharashtra CM seeks transfer the investigation of the case to the CBI, to award compensation of the tune of Rs 1 Crore each to the kin of all the victims and to send the case to fast track court for speedy Justice.
The representation provides the details of the barbaric Palghar lynching and highlights that it was perpetrated under the nose of police officers, who failed miserably in protecting the 3 innocents, as is clearly evident from the videos of the incident. The representation also says that the videos of the incident which have been widely circulated all over the Nation is bound to have a devastating effect on the faith and confidence of the people on the Police authorities.
It further says that the failure of the police to protect the victims warrants stringent and uncompromising measures to be taken, so as to reinstate the faith and confidence of the people in the police of the state. In order to have a impartial investigation the case has to be handed over to the CBI or carry out a Judicial enquiry into the incident and its perpetrators urges the representation.  

Petition Pakghar Lynching 
Further highlighting that Nilesh Telgade, the driver of the vehicle, was the sole bread earner of his family constituting of wife, mother and two daughters and as there have been innumerable incidents in the past as well, where the victims of such lynchings have been awarded the compensation of the tune of Rs 1 Crore by the Chief Ministers of various States, the representation requests similar compensation to be paid to the families of the victims. A Supreme Court ruling in a case too has also propagated the guidelines for awarding such compensation, says the representation.
These decisions will go a long way in restoring peoples faith and confidence in administration of Justice and ensure the fulfillment of cardinal principal of law that justice should not only be done, but should manifestly and undoubtedly be seen to be done says the representation.