Amidst Negativity, RSS Shows the Positive Spirit

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RSS Swayamsevaks have been rendering selfless service all across the country ever since the lockdown was implemented to stem the spread of Corona 
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 1.Sevabharathi volunteers provided Grocery Foodkits to 40 families in Ramanthapur
2.   Sreekumar of Coimbatore has donated 10 tonnes of rice to Seva Bharati to be
distributed among the poor during lockdown
3.Seva Bharati volunteers deliver essential supplies to the residents of Khadar of Yamuna near Delhi
4. Seva Bharati distributed vegetables daily to families in Adichinallur 
Seva by Swayamsevaks during lockdown is spread across various categories like initiatives to create awareness, blood donation, distribution of food and essential items, distribution of ration and sanitisers, medical supplies and even making masks. However, even animals including stray cattle and dogs have not been neglected by the Swyamsevaks.
On April 6, 17,534 face masks made by RSS inspired Ekal Bharat’s 24 skill centres were distributed by volunteers in various areas of Jharkhand and Madhya Pradesh. Total 74,913 masks have been made till date.

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Janahitha Seva a unit of Seva Bharati delivered 1000
Chemically coated PPEs and 1000 N95 masks to Gandhi hospital 
In Kasravad in Madhya Pradesh, Self Help Groups of women in collaboration with RSS are making face masks for distribution to needy people. They have prepared more than 3000 masks till date and wish to make 5000 more masks soon.
Swayamsevaks have organised blood donation camps at various places in the country to ensure that the local blood banks can maintain their levels. With lockdown imposed, several blood banks had reported shortage of blood required for operations.
In Bengaluru, Swayamsevaks organised blood donation camps in several locations to help Rashtrothana Blood Bank. Such camps were organised at Vijayanagar, Bommasandra, Jayanagar, Kengeri, etc.
RSS volunteers in Delhi donated blood for needy people in Delhi on April 7. In Karimnagar, RSS local unit conducted blood donation camp on April 14th. RSS Swayamsevaks also organised blood donation camps in Chennai too.
RSS Swayamsevaks cleaned public premises, few residential areas with disinfectant spray and sanitised several localities at Hardoi, Avadh, Uttar Pradesh. Similar activities were undertaken in Hyderabad, Mumbai, and some areas in Delhi.
Seva of Swyamsevaks is not limited to humans alone. At Anjanadri hills near the world famous Hampi in Karnataka, Monkeys faced shortage of food due to absence of tourists during lockdown. Anjanadri hills is known as the place of birth of Shri Hanuman. Swayamsevaks arranged bananas and other fruits and formed a team. They then arrived at Anjanadri hills and served the same to the monkeys here.
Similarly, stray cattle and dogs have found it very difficult to survice during lockdown with almost no people feeding them. In Kantabanji Town in Odisha, RSS Swayamsevaks arranged a tempo with hundreds of watermelons. This was then fed to stray cows in the town by traveling to several areas. This endeavor of the Swayamsevaks of Kantabanji has won the hearts of people in the state.
RSS inspired organisation too have continued to distribute food packets, essential items, medical supplies and also helped stranded people with groceries.
Apart from Swayamsevaks, Sangh inspired organisations, affiliated groups and NGOs are also rendering yeoman service to the needy during this lockdown.
Sewa Bharati a Sangh inspired organisation is one of the first community organsations which reaches the distressed and needy during any emergency or calamity. From floods, earthquakes, man-made disasters to any other calamity, volunteers of Sewa Bharati are there to tend to the affected. Likewise, during the lockdown too Sewa Bharati Swayamsevaks have reached the unreached and helped those in distress.
Volunteers from Seva Bharati took up the tedious task of providing essential supplies to the residents of Khadar (flood plains) of Yamuna near Delhi. Since, reaching the location itself is difficult, the residents here were left in the lurch. Seva Bharati volunteers hired boats and delivered the goroceris and essential items to the needy here.
Villagers in several areas wer facing shortage of fruits and vegetables. Seva Bharati inspired Self Help Group members are providing door to door service to villagers in Pokhari, Simli and Chandrapuri cluster to supply farm produce.

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1. Sewa International distributing free milk to over 3000-4000 families of daily wage labourers in Bengaluru
2. Swayamsevaks feed bananas and other fruits to monkeys at Anjanadri hills 
Volunteers of Seva Bharati do not neglect any section of the society. The Seva Bharati team took up the task of assisting sex workers living in GB Road area in Delhi to mitigate the situation arising over lockdown. Sewa Bharati team went to the colony where almost 1,000 sex workers live and helped them with rations and essential items. The sex workers thanked Seva Bharati for their timely help without which they would have been in miserable condition.
Seva Bharathi Tirupur has been distributing food and ration to the needy in the town for the last 24 days without a break. The unit is also serving tasty breakfast which is hygienically cooked and packed by the Sevaks to the Sanitary staff members and other front-line service staffers everyday.
Sewa Bharati volunteers in Tirupur are engaged in home delivery of Aavin Milk, free ambulance service, groceries, vegetables medicines to door steps. They have also arranged blood donation camps for Government Head Quarters Hospital in Tirupur.
Elderly couple in Kondu Nagar area of Tirupur who were heart patients had run out of their daily tablets. Seva Bharati volunteers delivered the prescribed medicines in time. The elderly couple thanked and blessed the volunteers. They wish to honour the team after lockdown is withdrawn.
Seva Bharati Volunteers in Telangana distributed provisions to 22 families at Swami Vivekananda Nagar and Film Nagar areas. In Bhainsa town, volunteers are serving 7 villages which are spread between 10 - 12 km distance with food and essential items. They are also helping patients during emergency with transport to hospital and medications. Chronic patients are being delivered their regular medicines at their doorsteps.
In Telangana, Seva Bharati volunteers distributed meal packets and groceries to 65 people in a tribal village. About 45 families in the tribal village of Gundala Mandal had depleted their rations. Seva Bharati volutnteers distributed vegetables and other ration items to these tribal families.
Similarly, Seva Bharati volunteers identified and distributed food and essential commodities to 110 nomadic people living the areas of Medchal, Tupran, Anantharam, Hastalpur in Telangana.

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Summary of the work Team BharatSpandan
did in the last 18 days through its war room #SOSCorona 
One of the most affected during lockdown are the daily wage laborers who work as blacksmiths, mechanics, painters, etc. Many such families live in huts on outskirts of cities. Several such families living on the outskrits of Hyderabad were provided with food, essential items and groceries to last several days by Seva Bharati volunteers.
In Thrissur in Kerala, Seva Bharati along with like minded organisations is packing and distributing vegetables daily to hundreds of families affected by the lockdown in Adichinallur village area. Hundreds of volunteers are part of this daily routine which is on going for the last 4 weeks. Volunteers have formed teams to get fresh vegetables, to pack it in pre-decided portions and deliver it to locations earmarked for distribution. This initiative has ensured people staty at home and also helped people get fresh vegetables at their doorsteps.
In Bangalore, Sewa International in collaboration with BBMP is distributing free milk to over 3000-4000 families of daily wage labourers, auto drivers, workers stuck in ongoing apartment/other real estate projects and roadside vendors within Bangalore.
Seva Bharati is also co-ordinating with other foundations and liasoning with hospitals and service agencies to deliver essential items. In Hyderabad, Janahitha Seva, a unit of Seva Bharati delivered 1000 1,000 Chemically coated PPE’s & 1,000 N95 masks to Gandhi hospital which were donated by Cognizant foundation. Dr. Shravankumar Superintendent Gandhi Hospital received the items.
Similarly in Coimbatore, good samaritan Sreekumar donated 10 tonnes of rice for the cause of distribution during lockdown. Seva Bharati Coimbatore has taken the responsibility for stocking and distributing the same among the needy people during lockdown. Almost 1500 meals are being served by Seva Bharati volunteers and affiliated institutions in Coimbatore alone.
Sewa Bharati has also launched a online crowd funding campaign to collect funds for essential items. Sewa Bharati which has already distributed 50,000 ration kits in Delhi, wishes to continue the service till the end of lockdown phase.
Each essential food items packet is worth Rs. 1100 with each box containing Atta 10 kg, Rice 2 kg, Dal 2 kg, Oil 1 lt, Salt 1 kg, Turmeric 200 gm, Garam Masala 100 gm, Noodles 1 Packet, Milk Powder 500 gm, Tea 250 gm and Sugar 1 kg. Donors can doante to the Seva Bharati initiative through their project page on Milaap.
BharatSpandan comes as a savior for hundreds in need of help during lockdown Team BharatSpandan has pitched in to supplement the efforts of the government and concerned people by setting up a war room to fight COVID19. When PM Modi announced nationwide lockdown on March 25, 2020, a war room #SOSCorona was set up by Team Bharat Spandan on March 27. The War Room comprised of volunteers from various organisations across the Nation and also individuals committed to serve.
Team initially defined the objective of the war room and then the strategy to achieve that. In the planning stage, the team defined 4 towers.
First one is the group creating a database of all available help on the ground, reliable individuals who can help, elected representative contacts across the nation, various orgs who are helping people affected by lockdown. Second tower consists of people creating, mapping databases of war room volunteers, including their contacts, orgs they represent, locations they belong and other finer details required for the smooth functioning of the war room. Third team worked on assigning issues, keeping track, updating and closure of the issues. Fourth group worked on issue capture/ rationing, team management, networking and PR.

How Team BharatSpandan works

Anyone who is in need of help reaches the team by sending out a message on Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #SOSCorona. The message can be of need for food, grocery or medicine and any other request. The team sets to work by going through the request, mapping the needs with the location and resource persons.
BharatSpandan volunteers have arranged and delivered food materials, essential items to more than 3015 people across the country. The strategy to create a well-defined workflow with stated objectives enabled the team to work diligently. Due to this systematic set up, Team BharatSpandan has been able to address 233 issues benefiting affected people from 16 states. This includes 152 cases related to food and ration requests across the nation benefiting more than 3015 needy people.
The team which listened to concerns on social media has been able to help people to get ration, food, essential supplies, connect people and resources. They have also helped stranded people get accommodation, medical help including requirements for blood and also address various other concerns related to aged people, emergencies at home, pregnant women, counselling, gas connections and arrange travel in extreme cases.
BharatSpandan during the crisis has also provided masks, basic medicines, portable thermal scanners to govt hospitals. It has arranged help and safety kits to volunteers working on the ground. It has supported a total of 12 teams/individuals, benefitting front line staff and volunteers. BharatSpandan also worked with team 'Vanvasi Kalyana' and raised funds to feed over 200 tribal families. Volunteers of BharatSpandan have reached out to medical staff, elderly and other emergencies all over the country. n