Far-left news portal Scroll claims children in Jehanabad ate frogs to stay alive - District Magistrate demolishes the portal's claim

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Scroll, a far-left online news portal which has been caught spreading misleading and fake news to targer Modi government seems to be at it again. Yesterday, Scroll in a news item claimed that children in Jehanabad in Bihar were eating frogs to survive and due to lack of food owing to lockdown. The news was shared widely on social media causing an outrage. It was found out to be false
Soon after the claim went viral, the District Magistrate of Jehanabad conducted an on the spot investigation and found the news to the false. The DM shared their findings on Twitter along with a video report which showed that the children were having sufficient food throughout. It was due to some irresponsible people who wanted to cause mischief on social media, made a video with false claims and circulated the same.
The tweet from the DM's handle read, "An investigation into the news of children forced to catch frogs and eat due to lack of food revealed that adequate food was already available in their house. Some irresponsible people made a video of children eating frogs which went viral on social media in an attempt to tarnish the image of the DM"
PIBFactCheck an initiative of Press Information Bureau of GOI too busted Scroll's claims and tweeted the facts based on Jehanabad DM's investigation. It directly named Scroll in its Fact check and also put out the truth. "News website Scroll.in reported that children Jehanabad are living on frogs as they have no food grains at home. Truth: DM Jehanabad inquiry finds there is sufficient food in their houses and the video was making of some irresponsible people.", PIB_India's Tweet read.