How Left Liberals divert good opinion to weaken our Democracy amid a Pandemic

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Left Liberals have always tried to play with the minds of the innocent Indian citizens while always passing and supporting anti-nationalist and anti-India movements. By absolving Tablighi Jamaat and blaming the government alone, they have become a part of the problem.
- Rachit Devgan
Response to Tablighi Jama
Already in fight against a pandemic, India is witnessing one of the biggest bombshells it has ever faced as the resistance and criticism against the NDA government is at its very worst. Currently, India is fighting one of the worst times in human history – a Deadly disease namely COVID-19 which has caused the Indian Government to declare it as a pandemic nationwide and has resulted in unprecedented month-long lockdown across the country. Even though the whole country is trying their level best in fighting this pandemic, there are still some people who take a lot of pleasure and contentment in targeting the Central Government in these desperate times where the focus of each and every citizen of this country should be to contribute to the break away from the chain of this disease.
COVID-19 is a disease belonging to the family of corona viruses causing acute respiratory problems, which erupted in the city of Wuhan, China in the last months of the year 2019. As there is no known cure or vaccine to tackle this disease till date, India announced a 21 day nationwide lockdown on 24th March 2020 which was further extended to 3rd May 2020 due to the continuous and increasing rise of COVID-19 cases across the country. During this lockdown, only personnel involved in essential services and people having emergencies were allowed to step out of their homes and travel. However, as India is a free democratic country, dissent to authority has always been a part and parcel of the spirit of the Constitution of India. Nonetheless, dissents are not always good for welfare or public good. It may allegedly be a benefit to a particular small section of the society but it may cause an uproar in the lives of the majority. It may even be possible that such dissent may amount to the acts of terrorism. Although the present case does not amount to the acts of terrorism per se, is really such a dissent should be allowed in India when the times are desperate and the public is distraught?
The Tablighi Jamaat is a Islamic society of preachers born on the principles of Deobandi doctrine, which preaches that the religion should be practised as it is. It is a society of Moderates who allegedly do not preach violence as an interpretation of the Quran. Although it is an organization having its roots worldwide, only a handful of India population had acquaintance with this society right before it rose to notorious fame amongst every Indian since the last week of March 2020 when on 24th March 2020, it became known nationwide that Tablighi Jamaat had held a “Chilla” at Nizamuddin Markaz at Tabligh Markaz at Banglewali Mosque located in Delhi’s Hazrat Nizamuddin Area in the mid-March which was attended by more than 2000 people including numerous foreign nationals. Such a huge gathering was certainly termed as violative of the ban imposed by the Government of Delhi thereby banning any conferences or seminars or gatherings of more than 200 people in the territory of Delhi. Moreover, after 6 people of this Jamaat tested positive for coronavirus, the horrors of COVID-19 further came to light when the nation came around the knowledge that more than a 1000 workers have travelled to all parts of India for preaching as it meant only one thing – a race against time. Immediately the Indian Government and all state Governments put in their resources and forces to identify and isolate all those who came in contact with the Tablighat people and quarantine them while testing them for the disease. In some eyes, these acts of Tablighat workers may be acts of ignorance and negligence, but looking at the magnitude of destruction wrecked by this coronavirus across the world while causing more than 1.5 Lakh deaths in a meagre span of 4-5 months, it becomes quite difficult to ignore the horrendous stupidity and idiocracy depicted by the Tablighat workers amid the pandemic. In the wake of nationwide criticisms against Tablighat workers, there are still people defending them and criticizing the Central Government, especially the BJP and RSS while blaming everything happening in our country on them.
Even though the whole of India is fighting this pandemic on a social and economic level, the morale of the Indian population has been time and again boosted by Sh. Narendra Modi, Hon’ble Prime Minister of India while diverting all the criticisms levelled on the Islamic population. However, there will always be two sides of a coin – heads and tails, good and bad, right and wrong, etc.
Although BJP has been categorized as a right wing party, it has been time and again established by the party by catering to the poor and creating economic opportunities for them. Also, it is also of common knowledge that the Leftists would always try to oppose the Government one way or another. The objective of the Leftists, especially the Left Liberals is to fight for social equality and consent of the people. However, as India is already a free democratic country imbibing all liberal and social principles in its Constitution, it has always been the nature and objective of the self-proclaimed Indian Left Liberals to always maintain a false notion amongst the Indian population that the NDA government advocates anti-liberal views. Practically, a tussle between the opposing forces in a Government always tends to strike a balance of power and maintain equilibrium. However, every word/action has to have the right time and place. Wrong words/actions at a wrong time may just destroy that equilibrium and the destruction might have its best day. After BJP came to power at the centre, the Left Liberals left no stone unturned in criticizing it on one count or other, but the ruling BJP always took the same as a part of free and fair democracy. Now 6 years down the line and India is hit by COVID-19 and the real abuse of free and fair speech begins.
It has been more than 4 years since the anti-national speech and slogans raised by Kanhaiya Kumar and many others in Jawaharlal National University who were recently chargesheeted for various offences against the state. Bygones are the times when anti-national and terrorism activities amounted to Sedition or crimes against the country as now, a new democratic interpretation by these so-called Left Liberals practically pardons all such anti-national and terrorism activities. Active support to Kanhaiya Kumar’s alleged actions by left liberals has been the centre of controversy where they have on a continuous basis verbally attacked the BJP Government with the worst possible criticisms of all times. Since the bounds of stupidity has not been a problem these liberals, like Swara Bhaskar’s latest tweet to Ms. Babita Phogat, laced with anti-secular colour against all Hindus by asking why COVID-19 testing has not been carried out in Hindu temples is another showcase of a person hungry for fame through any means whatsoever. However, Ms. Babita Phogat didn’t leave Swara in an ignorant bliss and directly brought her attention to the valiant efforts by various Governments across India and the actual numbers of Coronavirus infected people in India where most of the infected people have stemmed out of the Tablighi incident. As currently all the protests against the BJP Government have come to a standstill, it is not surprising as to what topic Swara Bhaskar and her gang might choose to throw shoes at.
However, the leading personalities in these highly ignorant and self-proclaimed Left Liberals is Arundhati Roy, a political activist who has not left even a single opportunity to criticize India as a nation in her lifetime. From her statements in “favour of independence of Kashmir from India” to “sympathizing with Afzal Guru against his sentence of death” to “calling Naxalites as patriots” to “asking people to not participate in the NPR process”. Several FIRs have been filed against her time and again but Arundhati Roy, like a thorn under the roses, always seems to find a way not to criticize a political party but India itself. When every Indian media rejected her outrageous claims against the ruling party in India, a German news channel DW News out of nowhere, published her unscrupulous statements by directly attacking on the Indian Central Government while stating that BJP has been involved in Muslim Genocide amid COVID-19 pandemic. Obviously without any sort of facts to back her concocted story, no media house should have agreed to publish her story. She also went on to state that Muslims are the actual victims of the communal hatred and her allegation that the recent Delhi riots are nothing short of a massacre of the Muslims is nothing but a far-fetched idea to further her anti-India beliefs.
In the most convenient way, Arundhati Roy has totally masqueraded under her remarks the absolute truth that it was the Muslim mobs who actually incited all the recent riots in Delhi, that it was the Tablighi Jamaat workers who held a gathering of more than 2000 people while such a huge gathering was already banned by the Delhi government, that it was the Tablighi Jamaat workers who were totally silent about such gatherings and travel of their workers across every part of India and consequently those Tablighi Muslim workers put the entire nation at risk of a genocide. So the real cause of Genocide, if we go by her line of thought, is the Muslims, especially the Tablighi workers and the ones who should have been jailed altogether are Tablighi workers. However, false activists and Left Liberals have always tried to play with the minds of the innocent Indian citizens while always passing and supporting anti-naitonalist and anti-India movements.
The present times have been most crucial in the history of India as India is fighting a pandemic against which it has no prior experience. It is excellent leadership and key decision-making by the Narendra Modi’s government which has saved India from a mass genocide as against the mass deaths due to coronavirus in USA, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, China, etc. At the time of fighting together like warriors, it is certainly not the time for these self-proclaimed Left Liberals to pass such anti-national comments on a government who has just saved the lives of 1.3 billion people.
(The author is a practising advocate)