How long will these deathly paeans go on? - Scathing response to left-liberals who saw no wrong in law breaking criminals and Super-spreader Tablighi Jamaat

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Nearly 50 well-known intellectuals expose the hypocrisy and duplicity of left-liberals who were out to absolve the law-breakers and saw action and reportage as a campaign against Muslims during CoronaVirus Lockdown.
Response to Tablighi Jama
Few days ago, a cabal of left-liberal academics, self-proclaimed intellectuals, poets, journalists in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana issued a statement condemning the so-called ‘vicious campaign against the Muslim community’ over the Coronavirus situation in the country. They alleged that the lockdown has affected millions of laborers and migrant workers as the lockdown was implemented without much ‘planning’. They alleged that lockdown has increased domestic violence and crimes against women.
However, their major grouse was the purported campaign against the Muslim community over the congregation at the Tablighi Jamaat headquarters in Nizamuddin in Delhi. They complained that the use of terms like #CoronaJihad, Corona Militancy and Islamic resurrection are being used to target the Muslims. They alleged that this was a systematic campaign against Muslims who are already terrified in the country and that several magazines, electronic media, social media are part of this campaign.
Instead of lambasting the Muslims who attacked doctors, healthcare workers across the country including AP and Telangana, the Left-liberal statement attempts to absolve them by saying that the Muslims are only reacting to the psychological violence and hatred directed towards them which has alienated them. Claiming that the Tablighi Jamaat is not responsible for the spread of the virus, the liberal statement urges the Center and State Governments to take action against those who indulge in blaming the Muslims for the spread of the virus. responsible for these actions.
The statement has been signed by people like K. Ramachandra Murthy, a senior journalist, Professor Haragopal, leader of the civil rights community, Zaheer Ali Khan and Amir Ali Khan of Siasat; Ginger Narayana, Journalist, B. Narsingarao, cinematographer, Khadr Mohiuddin, Journalist, Geeta Ramaswamy, Publisher, Vimala, a poet, L Suresh, poet, VS Krishna, Human Rights Forum, Justice Chandrakumar, K. Subhasini, author, Bal Raj of AITUC, T. Visvesvara Rao, AIKS, Kanthaiah, BKMUK, Syed Waliullah Qadri, AIYF, Ashok Stalin of AISFN and others.
Scathing Reponse to the hypocrisy of the Left-liberals 
In response to this statement by left-liberals, a group of intellectuals in the two states have issued a counter exposing the hypocrisy and duplicity in their views. The statement endorsed by nearly 50 well-known intellectuals exposes the pseudo-intellectuals for using their poisonous pen to give the Tablighis a protective sheath by camouflaging their culpability as an attack on `religious freedom’.
The statement says that the same red brigade which supported the ‘Jinnah mindset’ during the Partition of the country, have placed huge obstacles at every step of the way in the life of the nation since then. They question how is it communal fanaticism to call out and condemn the dastardly acts of the Tablighis who entered the country on tourist visas, violated visa norms to engage in religious preaching all over the country, attend the infamous Markaz, while also spreading the corona virus physically everywhere?
The statement also questions the duplicity of the Left-liberals over their silence on the attacks on doctors, healthcare staff and police across the country by the members of the Muslim community.
The complete statement is below.
How long will these deathly paeans go on?
Just as India was on the cusp of successfully flattening the curve in the war against corona pandemic, the disaster of Tablighi Jamaat struck as a much larger venomous virus across the country. People were shocked and are unanimously condemning the rapid spread of virus by Tablighis even in newer and remote areas. Just then, the pseudo- intellectual crowd, using their poisonous pen, has given the Tablighis a protective sheath in their public letter, camouflaging it as an attack on `religious freedom’. It strikes us anew as to how this pseudo-crowd goes against the rules of nature and natural justice. The same red brigade which supported the Jinnah mindset during the Partition of the country, have placed huge obstacles every step of the way in the life of the nation since then. How is it communal fanaticism to call out and condemn the dastardly acts of the Markaz tablighis who entered the country on tourist visas and violated visa norms to engage in religious preaching all over the country, while also spreading the corona virus physically everywhere? Why is a communal color being given to the act of questioning a particular organization?
In Patiala in Punjab, a Sikh community person cut the hand of a policeman with his kirpan for blocking his way during lockdown, neither did the Sikh community rise in defense of this offender, nor did they claim it as an attack on our Sikh community’. Earlier when the Govt has taken several actions against Asaram Bapu, Gurmeet RamRahim etc, did the Hindus project it as an attack on the Hindu community? Some media organizations in the Telugu states are behaving mischievously and recklessly. The majority community is living in fright, with the nefarious activities of the Haryali and Tukde Tukde gangs. The people who meekly submitted when public mikes blared threatening messages in the majority community localities that severe action will be taken if they celebrate Ugadi New year and Srirama Navami are culprits in your eyes?
Injected with the contagious virus of `hypocrisy’, the `pseudo-intellectuals’ have brazenly attempted to kill the Truth. The organizations which announced that `our religion is more important to us, we won’t listen to or follow Govt orders’, and who then went ahead to infect the entire country with virus are more precious to you? Lakhs and millions of majority community people who go to temples during this festival period have completely avoided visiting temples, and who are now cooperating, seeing God in humanity, and serving the poor, the doctors and medical staff, the sanitary workers and the Police are being called communal fanatics? And the people who are attacking doctors and medical staff, appearing naked to the female nursing staff, throwing urine-filled bottles in hospital wards, spitting wherever they are at everything in view, are peaceful people wishing harmony?
Like the blinded with eyes, you who cannot see the truth and statistical data, who stand as iron armor to shield fanatic organizations are intellectuals, poets, writers and editors! How long will you sing these deathly dirges? Stop these outdated ideologies to protect the offenders and live without hypocrisy! The nation has long recognized your betrayal, the way you are entrenched in the media supporting vested interests and culprits for personal benefits; and also recognized your helping hand to hatch `red-eggs’. Now it’s entirely upto you!
Signed by - Mudigonda Sivaprasad, Kasireddy Venkatareddy, Tripuraneni Hanuman Chowdary, Mudigonda Veerabhadraiah, Khandavalli Satyadeva Prasad, Hebbar Nageswara Rao, P. Bhaskara Yogi, Mavuduri Suryanarayana Murthy, Raka Sudhakar Rao, Mandadi Satyanarayana Reddy, Mamidi Giridhar, Pagudakula Balaswamy, Gannamaraju Girija Manohar Babu, Nadimpally Ayush, Kappara Prasad, Naraparaju Narsinga Rao, Vanakalla Veerappa, KL Kismat Kumar, Piratla Nageswara Rao, Kranthidev Mitra, Satyavani, Hanumantha Rao, Maasadi Baburao, Dr Murali Manohar, Sambaraju Raviprakash Rao, Madiraju Harinandan Rao, Tharun Chakravarthy, Ummettala Maheswar, Vijayabharathi, Kunchakuri Buchchilingam, Avusala Bhanuprakash, Gajula Ravinder, Gunti Gopi, Bhimpalli Srikanth, Pradeep Reddy, Samala Kiran, Chilakamarri Lakshminadhacharyulu, Dr B. Jayaramulu, Chakravarthula Venugopal Rao, Dr Lakshmi Lavanya, Seethamahalakshmi, Madhavilatha, Krishna Goud, Edla Satheesh Kumar, Gottimukkala Chandramohan.