Fake Protests Vs Fair Concerns

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“The Socialists of India following their fellows in Europe are seeking to apply the economic interpretation of history to the facts of India. They propound that man is an economic creature, that his activities and aspirations are bound by economic facts, that property is the only source of power. They, therefore, preach that political and social reforms are but gigantic illusions and that economic reform by equalization of property must have precedence over every other kind of reform. One may join issue on every one of these premises on which rests the Socialists' case for economic reform having priority over every other kind of reform. One may contend that economic motive is not the only motive by which man is actuated. That economic power is the only kind of power no student of human society can accept”
––Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar, Annihilation of Caste
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The announcement of Lockdown 2.0 was expected and so were the fake outrage by the usual trouble-makers. The series of incidents, starting with Anand Vihar to the most recent one in Bandra, Mumbai, have a pattern and a narrative building exercise involved in it. What is the pattern and intent of these protests? And what are the real concerns neglected by the intellectual monopolists?
In Mumbai, some unknown face of an obscure organisation called Uttar Bharatiya Maha-Panchayat, gave a call to migrant workers to come together and even challenged the Government. This gathering was timed with the announcement of national level extension of lockdown and court ordered surrender of urban naxals Anand Teltumbade and Gautam Navlakha. Making this entire crowd susceptible to the deadly infection was certainly not meant out of concern for the poor. The Maoists pattern is a visible factor. Generating social unrest and attributing failures to the nationalist Government which is a favourite political agenda of the red terrorists and unfortunately, political parties are using such groups to cover-up their governance failure. Some international lobbyists simply enjoy showcasing the poor and failed Bharat.
The real concerns now are ensuring safety and food security of all citizens and standing by the Corona warriors and families. In the long-run economic recovery and preparing for the post-corona world order is the critical issue.
Fortunately, our Governments both at the national and state levels are sensitive enough. The society is also sensitive. The Union Government declared a mega relief package of Rs. 1.70 crore to ensure food security to around 80 crore people for the next three months. The insurance cover of Rs 50 lakh per person for three months for COVID-19 warriors was also announced. over 21 thousand relief camps are set up to shelter and feed over 23 lakh people. RB has announced a stimulus package worth Rs 3.74 lakh crore which will help the small scale industries and the workers associated with them. Due to the spiritual and responsible nature of our society, along with the social organisations like Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), that is serving around 16 lakh people at around 32 thousand locations, many temples, Gurudwaras, Deras etc. have come forward to support the needy. Barring few exceptions, we are capitalising on our inherent strengths.
The post-corona world order and economic model is a great challenge and opportunity for which we need to prepare ourselves .As we are used to see the process of development on the Western parameters, and dependent on the Chinese supply chain, it is difficult to this on the Swadeshi and self-sufficiency model. The complete failure of both capitalist and statist models of globalisation to provide solutions to the economic slowdown has provided us with the unique opportunity to think out of the box. Whether we snatch this opportunity with a positive mindset and aim for the Bharatiya model of inclusive and sustainable growth is the real challenge and not the issues raised by the fake protests generated by the lobbyist.