CPM - Christian missionary plot emerges behind the Palghar Lynching case; Another Governance failure of Maharashtra Govt

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The hand of CPM in the heinous Palghar lynching of Hindu saints has now emerged. The 5 main accused are said to be activists of the CPM. These activists are Jairam Dhak Bhavar from Divashi Gadagpada village, Mahesh Sitaram Rawate from Kinhavali Khoripada, Ganesh Devaji Rao from Divashi Wakipada, Ramdas Rupji Asare from Divashi Sathepada and Sunil Somaji Rawate from Divashi Patilpada village.
On Thursday night, Sushil Giri Maharaj (35), Maharaj Kalpavriksha Giri (70) and driver Nilesh Telgade (30) were lynched to death by a mob while they were on their way to attend the funeral of their Guru Mahant Ram Giri Maharaj at Mumbai. 
It is now suspected that the mob was instigated by CPM leaders and the entire incident was a pre-planned conspiracy. The area where the lynching happened is a hotbed of Christian missionary activity who are accused of poisoning the tribals in the area to further their agenda. Lot of religions conversions have happened over the years in this area abetted by the Christian missionaries.
The police had placed all three people in a safe forest post when suddenly a mob arrived at the spot, allegedly at the behest of the leaders of CPM, and attacked the three with sticks as the police remained mute spectators. All the 110 people who have been arrested are all workers of the CPM and those who are absconding too are workers of the CPM.
Shiraz Balsara, the head of a NGO named Kashtakari which has links with the Christian missionaries is working to arrange for the bail of those arrested and are in the custody of the police. It is now being alleged that the local CPM MLA Comrade Vinod Nikolay is the brain behind this incident.
The VHP too has demanded a high level probe into the involvement of Leftists in palghar mob lynching and had pointed to the ongoing Left activities in the area.