Chinese Communist Party & COVID-19: China's desire for world dominance

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China is in the game for the long run and it is not planning for the next 5 year, 10 years or even 25 years. China is looking at the next 100 years and working towards total world dominance.
- Trinetra

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The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has brought the world economy to its knees and that too, while trying to be a hero, or at least pretending to be one. All this, without firing a single bullet, without starting a trade war, without threatening it’s neighbors and competitors. It took the Chinese Communist Party, a bumbling World Health Organization, a weak leadership from the western world and excessive amounts of biased media campaigns to unleash their real agenda - World Domination.
It’s no secret that the Chinese Communist Party has a tight leash on what information comes into China and what goes out. And, to the extent the CCP can go to be perceived as fair and righteous. It’s their penchant for self-righteousness that makes the CCP take actions, or in-actions thereby putting the whole world at risk.
The COVID-19 pandemic is the most glaring example of the CCP’s in-action. The CCP did not bother to inform the world soon enough, worse it tried to hide the facts when Dr. Li Wenliang from Wuhan, where the virus originated, tried to raise awareness about COVID-19 on December 30, 2019. By the time China responded, after attempts of hiding the truth about the virus, it was already too late as the virus had travelled all over the world, thanks to China’s irresponsibility. China’s lack of democracy fueled the spread of Coronavirus, as the authoritarian regime controlled the flow of information completely. In democratic countries like the USA, India, France - hiding a virus like this would not even remotely be possible, thanks to the free media, whistleblowers and most importantly Freedom of Expression.
China failed miserably to be a responsible world power. It took too long to inform the world about coronavirus. The WHO added fuel to the fire by siding with China. The WHO, for the lack of a better phrase, has made a joke of itself. WHO’s constant flip-flops and blatant pro-China comments made the situation even worse. Instead of holding the CCP accountable, the WHO seemed to ‘toe the line’ thereby risking the lives of millions if not billions.
In spite of it being accepted and recognized that the Coronavirus originated from the ‘Wet Markets’ of China (which deal in exotic wild animals as sources of food), the CCP did a volte face and brazenly tried to pin the blame on the United States of America, accusing them of spreading the virus. Chinese state media seemed to push this conspiracy theory among its citizens. Instead of helping the world find solutions to this pandemic, China is strong-arming the world and playing blame-game.
China is in the game for the long run, it’s not planning for the next 5 year, 10 years or even 25 years. China is looking at the next 100 years and working towards that. Nothing against the Chinese people, but the CCP is playing a dangerous game. China suffers from the ‘Middle Kingdom’ syndrome - it considers and would want the world to consider China as the center of the world. This ideology is making China less of a partner but, more of a concern to the world. The CCP is using every possible opportunity to make gains, even a pandemic situation caused by the COVID-19. Contrary to ‘managed headlines’, China isn’t cooperating internationally, nor is it responding to humanity's COVID-19 test.
A section of the Western inteligencia also seemed to fall in line with the CCP sponsored agenda on COVID-19. They found the CCP ‘diligent’ and ‘very responsible’ in their way of handling the pandemic in China. While China claims it’s provided medical supplies to COVID-19 affected countries, there’s servere complaints of faulty kits and equipment originating from China. Spain, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Turkey, Britain, Georgia, Malaysia, Australia have complained about the quality of medical equipment from China. The limited support China got from the nations reeling under COVID-19 is from Serbia, which seemed staged and managed.
If there’s one country that’s indeed truly responding to humanity’s COVID-19 test, it’s India. Over the last few weeks, many countries in the world have taken to social media to thank India & its leadership for helping the world in times of need. This is in sharp contrast to what the Chinese Communist Party is doing. Brazilian President Jair Bolsenaro thanked PM Modi for sending shipments of HCQ to Brazil. President Trump publicly thanked India & PM Modi for their strong leadership.
Extraordinary times require even closer cooperation between friends. Thank you India and the Indian people for the decision on HCQ. Will not be forgotten! Thank you Prime Minister @NarendraModi for your strong leadership in helping not just India, but humanity, in this fight!
India is a beacon of hope for many countries fighting Coronavirus. In spite of a population of 1.3 Billion people, India is making sure to be a true world player and working towards providing HCQ and medical supplies to developed nations as well as India’s neighbors like Sri Lanka, Nepal and other SAARC countries along with African countries. It’s high time the world recognizes India’s contribution to the world order and acknowledge the disruption the CCP seeks to cause.