VHP calls Tabhliqi Jamaaat a Corona Factory, demands for strict action

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- Yathart Sikka 

Corona Factory VHP_1 
Describing the incident of Nizamuddin Markaz as a shameful and worrying act, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad has alleged the Markaz as factory the of Coronavirus. The VHP alleged that when most of the shrines and religious places were closed by themselves, some people forcibly performed Namaz in mosques and people were gathered here in large numbers. It clearly shows that the implementation of the government had to be weakened by this kind of extremism. According to the VHP, these clerics are expected to spread the infection from Kerala to Kashmir. It seems that now Nizamuddin Markaz has become the epicentre of Corona.
The VHP has said that thousands of people from 25 countries of the world and Tablighi Jamaat of India had gathered for several days in the name of Ijtema. More than 15 hundred of these are hidden in the mosques of many states of India for the promotion of Islam. More than 400 of these have been caught. Several maulvis caught have been found Corona positive.
The VHP has sought to treat these buildings hidden in Markaz, Mosques and Madrasas by quarantining their buildings instead of treating them there itself. The VHP has called for the immediate closure of other opened mosques, calling for Muslim society to move forward on its own and betterment of Bharat.
The VHP has questioned the silence of so-called secular intellectuals in such a situation and appealed to the government to stop such activities. Also, the VHP has said that the corona victims are being told to bury the dead while the corona bacteria spreads rapidly by burial. The Corona positive deceased must be cremated virtually without considering his or her religion. VHP said that we appeal to all responsible people of India to motivate their society to retreat from this dogma and extremism.
VHP President has appealed to the government that "strict legal action should be taken against those foreign Mullahs and Maulvis, tourists who have come here to spread extremism, to cancel their visas. Whatever elements support the country." We are supporting Corona by not giving it, and the most forceful action should be against them, that is our expectation. "