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Collective Action
Apropos (Individual Test of the Collective Will), Organiser, April 12, 2020, the example of collective action that Bharat has shown to the entire world would surely present a new socio-centric model to the world in dealing with national emergencies. India has dealt with the global corona crisis effectively because of the strong leadership, which India lacked for decades. Today, Indians trust Modi and Modi knows the pulse of the people. It is because of the decisive leadership the global powers like the US and others are looking at India for help in the form of medicines etc. to deal with the corona crisis in their respective countries.
Dr. Sanjay Kumar, Ujjain

First Responders

Apropos (Sangh & Sewa: A Bitter Reality that the Left-liberal Ecosystem should Digest), Organiser web, the article is well written and informative. Surely, the very structure of the Sangh is selfless social service. Unlike the Christian evangelist or Islamic proselytizers who use social service as a tool for soul harvesting, the RSS swayamsevaks take an entirely different approach. The Sangh volunteers work away from the limelight and designer photo-ops. The RSS workers, in most of the times, are the first responders, whether in Kolkata Flyover mishap of 2016 or derailment of the Bangalore-bound Muzaffarpur-Yesvantpur Express near a remote village of Tamil Nadu in 2013 or many other incidents in the past.
Keshav Kumar, New Delhi

Illogical Suggestions

It refers to the suggestion of Congress interim president Sonia Gandhi demanding transfer of funds from recently created PM Cares Fund to Prime Minister National Relief Fund (PMNRF). How can such a step be termed as austerity-measure to meet corona-crisis. The Congress party, having ruined the nation in seven long decades of its ruling, forgot that first (undemocratically) crowned Indian Prime Minister Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru kicked a political start by constituting Prime Minister National Relief Fund PMNRF with Congress president as a permanent representative of the Trust with no place to any opposition leader in PMNRF. However, if dynastic Congress and its president consider PMNRF to be more authentic than PM Cares Fund, they should announce a hefty donation to PMNRF to meet corona-crisis.
Subhash Chandra Agrawal,

Will China be Punished?

Apropos (Britain Pulls out of 5G Contract with Chinese firm Huawei after test kits were found contaminated with Coronavirus), Organiser web, by the way, it is funny coincidence how the COVID-19 bio-engineered weapons share similarities with radiation sickness. After this pandemic is over, the world governments would go to war with China. One can see events panning out and social economic and political mayhem on the horizon. Trump will spearhead this. He will say that the WHO and Chinese actions and responses over the pandemic were acts of war because Americans were put in danger and lives were lost. Every country may follow this thinking. After this, there may be a global action against China.
Danny Omega,
through web

Look at the Big Picture

Apropos (Did India Relax Export norms of Medicines under Trump Pressure?), Organiser web, President Trump and his party have been very cooperative and have complimented all our measures/treaties with many countries and also with our war against Islamic extremist forces. All the medicines mentioned are useful and can be produced by many of our Asian neighbours. We must take this opportunity and start manufacturing in a big way. We have graduates of biological sciences in millions, pharmacists in thousands and PhDs in thousands who want jobs. Let us put our money there and start supplying these medicines to Africa, South America, and other nations. Let us be an alternate provider where a country does not want to deal with China. Masks, gowns can be manufactured in millions every week if we can bring a group of textile people together. The same thing goes for various medical equipments like EKG machines, ventilators and others. Let us use this unexpected corona chaos and make our products go all around the world. Look at the big picture.
Rangaesh S. Gadasalli,
through web